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Instead of Suspension cover image Together with the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, the Children's Law Clinic published a compendium of alternative strategies that can be used by school districts to replace their reliance on suspending children from school when they violate school rules. From positive behavioral approaches to providing focused training for teachers to threat assessment, the strategies highlighted in the report can be tried by school districts that want to address misconduct in a positive, instructional way rather than a purely punitive way.

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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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Support & Information for Parents and Advocates

Advocacy Organizations

  • The Center for Law and Education: A national organization working to bring about change in order to improve the education of low-income students.
  • Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys: A national organization that promotes collaboration between parents and educators with the goal of improving education for children with disabilities.
  • Disability Rights North Carolina: A private, nonprofit organization offering legal representation to persons with disabilities in North Carolina.
  • Health and Disability Advocates: A national organization providing a range of services to promote access to health care and income security for persons with disabilities and persons of low income. The HDA website has a Materials Library with many useful documents, particularly for SSI advocates.

Laws Affecting Children with Disabilities