Center on Law, Race and Politics

Center on Law, Race and Politics

The Duke Center on Law, Race and Politics (CLRP) is a multidisciplinary initiative created to support research, public engagement, teaching, and activities at the intersection of CLRP's core focus.


Poster for the Civil Rights conference, hosted by the Duke Center on Law, Race and PoliticsWatch | The Present and Future of Civil Rights Movements: Race and Reform in 21st Century America
Scholars, teachers, practitioners, and activists discuss their unique perspectives on inequalities throughout different facets of modern America.

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Selected Scholarship

A Difficult Conversation: Corporate Directors on Race and Gender
Kimberly D. Krawiec, et al., 2014

Why Do We Allow Customer Discrimination?
Katharine Bartlett, Mitu Gulati, 2014

Race, Federalism, and Voting Rights
Guy Charles, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, 2015

Race, Class, and Access to Civil Justice
Sara Sternberg Green, 2015