Student access to online evaluations using DukeHub

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Log in to DukeHub using your Duke NetID and password. You will see your usual Student Center homepage, with the addition of an “Evaluations” column in your schedule. You will not see a link to an evaluation form until and unless that course's evaluation period opens.

DukeHub Student Center with Course Evaluation Link Column

For each course, click on Evaluate to begin the evaluation process.

On the final page of the form, you are informed that the evaluation is nearly complete. Click on Next to proceed to a Confirmation page. The Confirmation page (aka, the Summary page) itemizes your responses to the entire evaluation form.

Screenshot of Final Step of Student Course Evaluation Form

The Edit tool on the right‐side of the screen will bring you back to the questionnaire, if you wish to make any changes.

If you are finished with the form, you must click Confirm Responses at the bottom of the Summary page.

Once you’ve selected Confirm Responses, your submission is complete and cannot be reopened or edited. The Student Center view will update to “Complete”. If you select Save at any point in the evaluation process, your selections will be stored and you can return to the questionnaire any time before the final deadline.

Please send feedback regarding the DukeHub course evaluation system to

Note: Evaluations are not available to instructors until after all grades have been submitted, and have no personally identifiable information when shared. Numerical summaries are made available to law students and the law school community as a whole only if the response rate for the course is 70% or higher.