The Web contains many sites relevant to appellate advocacy. Below are some of the more interesting and reliable.
Briefs and Oral Argument:

The Oyez Project. Northwestern University's collection of audio recordings of notable United States Supreme Court oral arguments. Includes Texas v. Johnson, Roe v. Wade, U.S. v. Lopez, Miranda v. Arizona, Shaw v. Reno (argued by Duke Law's own Professors Powell and Everett). Also, take a virtual tour of the U.S. Supreme Court building.

Gavel to Gavel: Florida's appellate courts, including live and recorded audio and video of oral arguments. You can also download briefs and court decisions.  This site was on the web before the 2000 election catapulted the Florida Supreme Court to national attention.

Office of the Solicitor General: Allows you to download briefs filed by the OSG since 1992. You can expect to find some good briefs here.

"How You Too Can Lose Your Appeal," by Judge Alex Kosinski, 23 Montana Lawyer 5 (Oct. 1997). A tongue-in-cheek guide to blowing it on appeal.

Appellate Counselor Homepage
Focuses on Ninth Circuit Appellate Practice, including profiles of lawyers and judges, memos, tips, forms, and decision tracking/highlights.

Mayer, Brown and Platt
Self proclaimed "oldest and largest Supreme Court Practice in the United States." Site includes links to dozens of oral arguments argued by firm's lawyers, numerous briefs filed, articles, memos and tips on appellate practice, docket reports, as well as a very extensive appellate links page, including ALL state and federal courts! (this seems like a very good resource).

The Presidential Election Litigation - Briefs and Materials

The 2000 Presidential election spawned what seemed to be endless litigation -- and, to our benefit, some excellent lawyering.  Below are links to some of the briefs and oral arguments in the main cases.  What is awe inspiring is the short time frame in which each of these documents was written.  Don't expect to do as well as these advocates on a "one-night-wonder."

The materials included below are only a small selection of the documents filed in the cases.  You can find a set of comprehensive links to presidential election litigation documents at Jurist.

Stanford Law School Election 2000 Website
has hundreds of briefs filed in the various lawsuits, as well as timelines and other resources - quite complete.

Cornell's LII's Election 2000 Website
also a good resource on election 2000 cases, briefs, and arguments.

Bush v. Gore (The federal suit that ultimately decided the election)

Bush brief on the merits
Gore brief on the merits
Florida Secretary of State's brief on the merits
Supreme Court's Opinion
Audio of Oral Argument

Gore v. Harris (Gore suit challenging election results in Florida State Court)

Gore Brief
Bush Brief
Oral Argument in Gore v. Harris (challenge to election results)
Transcript of Oral Argument
Florida Supreme Court's Opinion of December 8, 2000

Palm Beach County Canvassing Board v. Harris (challenging refusal to delay certification of election results)

Brief of Florida Attorney General
Answer Brief of Florida Secretary of State Harris
Brief of Gore campaign
Brief of Bush campaign
Opinion of Florida Supreme Court of November 21, 2000
Video of Oral Argument
Transcript of Oral Argument

Courts Online:
United States Supreme Court

United States Courts of Appeals:

First Circuit
. Official court site. Includes local rules, dockets, opinions. See also site maintained by Emory University, with decisions of the court. Decisions from November 1995. Hosted by Emory University.

Second Circuit. Decisions from September 1995. Hosted by Pace University.

Third Circuit. Decisions from May 1994. Hosted by Villanova University.

Fourth Circuit. Decisions from January 1995. Hosted by Emory University.

Fifth Circuit. Official court site. Includes decisions, schedules, job vacancies, forms, biographies of the judges, and links to other Fifth Circuit courts.

Sixth Circuit. Official court site. Includes opinions, court information, local rules.

Seventh Circuit. Official court site. Includes opinions, practitioner's handbook, opinions, local rules, employment opportunities, and more.

Eighth Circuit. Lots of information, including opinions, court information, schedules, clerk's office, local rules. Hosted by George Washington University School of Law.

Ninth Circuit. Official court site. Everything you'd want to know about the Ninth Circuit; news updates, schedules, opinions.

Tenth Circuit. Official court site. Slick and extremely comprehensive: general information, opinions, schedules, local rules and procedures, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, job vacancies. Also explains experimental project for videoconferenced oral arguments

Eleventh Circuit. Official Cite. Published opinions.

D.C. Circuit
Federal Circuit. Official site. Court opinions, court rules, schedules, information, statistics, employment opportunities.

Court of Appeals for the Armed Services. Official court site. Includes extensive information, including decisions, schedules, procedure, history of

the court.


Other court links:

National Center for State Courts: Contains numerous links to state, federal, and international courts.
The Federal Judiciary Homepage
North Dakota Supreme Court, Appellate Advocacy Tips: Some basic and straightforward advice.

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