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Independent Study

Students may take no more than three credits of independent study toward their Juris Doctor degrees. A JD student also enrolled in the LLM program may take for credit not more than four credits of independent study. Based on academic merit and with the affirmative support of the involved faculty member, one additional credit, but no more, may be allowed by the Administrative Committee upon petition by the student, taking into consideration whatever specific recommendation or institutional concerns the Dean's office may wish to present.

Students enrolled in the one-year LLM program may take for credit not more than three credits of independent study as described under Rule 2-3.

All independent study that is taken for credit must be approved by a member of the faculty. The student shall submit as the end product of independent study a paper of the kind generally submitted in seminars, which shall be evaluated by such member of the faculty, at his or her discretion, either according to the Law School's numerical grading scale or on a credit/no credit basis [see Rule 3-1(3)(a)], and shall be subject to the rules regarding submission of papers and incomplete course work [see Rules 3-17 & 3-18].

Students may not complete any required courses for any of the Law School's degrees through independent research [see Rules 2-1, 2-2, & 2-3]. Any proposals for independent research supervised by faculty other than members of the governing faculty, which, for this purpose, includes full-time visiting faculty and emeritus faculty, must first be approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

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