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Deposition Practice

Students will learn about and practice basic deposition skills and strategy. They will discuss preparation for depositions, how to write effective questions, how to defend depositions, what objections to raise and when, etc. Fact depositions, 30(b)(6) as well as expert depositions will be covered in the two day class. Students will have the opportunity to conduct a simulated deposition and receive feedback on their performances.

Topics Covered:
Deposition Preparation
Choosing Whom to Depose
Writing Effective Deposition Questions
Deposition Objections
Preparing Witnesses for Depositions
Basic Deposition Rules
Basic Deposition Etiquette
Fact Witness Depositions
Expert Witness Depositions
NITA materials (Cost is roughly $35)

Students will be evaluated in part based on preparation for, and participation in, class based on questioning by the professor and class discussion. Students' simulated depositions will be evaluated based on preparation, effectiveness, and effort. Credit/No Credit basis

Please note that course organization and content may vary substantially from semester to semester and descriptions are not necessarily professor specific. Please contact the instructor directly if you have particular course-related questions.


Marilyn R. Forbes
Deposition Practice 820.05
Spring 2011