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Comparative Media and IT Law: Intersection of Free Speech, Privacy, and Copyright in Japan and the US

This seminar will explore current issues of free speech, privacy, and copyrights in the areas of Media and IT law in Japan, and discuss the characteristic in comparison with those in the U.S. After introducing the basic structure of the Japanese legal system, the seminar will focus on the constitutional right of freedom of expression, defamation and privacy invasion by mass media, illegal or harmful content on the Internet, disclosure of government information, data privacy, and copyright infringement through P2P file-sharing.

The first half of the class sessions will be lectures. The latter half will be built around student presentations. Students are required to make a presentation and then to submit a research paper relating to the seminar topics. Active class participation is an integral part of this seminar and will be expected of every student.

The grade will be based on class attendance, participation in discussion, a presentation, and a research paper (minimum 15 pages, typewritten and double-spaced).

Please note that course organization and content may vary substantially from semester to semester and descriptions are not necessarily professor specific. Please contact the instructor directly if you have particular course-related questions.