Fall 2012 Class Schedule

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Course NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursInstructorMeeting Day/TimeRoomSakai SiteEmail List
100A.01The Dean's Course: An Introduction to Lawyering and the Legal Profession
3David F. LeviTBDTBDUnavailable
110.02Civil Procedure
Section 6
4.5Margaret LemosM, Tu, Th 10:40-12:05 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.110.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
110.03Civil Procedure
1L Sections 2 and 4
4.5Stephen SachsM, W, Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 3037Sitecivpro.f12.sachs@sakai.duke.edu
120.01Constitutional Law
1L Section 5
4.5Matthew AdlerTu, W, Th 8:00-9:21 amRoom 4045SiteLAW.120.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
120.02Constitutional Law
1L Section 3
4.5Neil S. SiegelM, Tu, Th 10:40-12:05 pmRoom 4055SiteLAW.120.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
120.03Constitutional Law
1L Small Section 4
4.5H. Jefferson PowellM, Tu, Th 8:00-9:21 amRoom 4042SiteLAW.120.03.F12@sakai.duke.edu
Section 3 and Section 4
4.5Paul H. HaagenM, Tu, Th 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 3043SiteLAW.130.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
Section 2
4.5Paul H. HaagenM, Tu, Th 1:30-2:51 p.m.Room 4042SiteLAW.130.03.F12@sakai.duke.edu
Section 5 and Section 6
4.5Mitu GulatiM, Tu, Th 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 3037SiteLAW.130.04.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.01Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Diane Dimond,
Jane Bahnson
M / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4055SiteLAW.160A.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.02Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Diane Appleton Reeves,
Marguerite Most
M / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4042SiteLAW.160A.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.03Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jeremy Mullem,
Kelly Leong
Tu / F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4047SiteLAW.160A.03.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.04Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Frances Turner Mock,
Laura M. Scott
M / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4047SiteLAW.160A.04.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.05Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jo Ann Ragazzo,
Kristina J. Alayan
Tu / F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4042SiteLAW.160A.05.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.06Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Rebecca Rich,
Jane Bahnson
Tu / F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4055SiteLAW.160A.06.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.07Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sean E. Andrussier,
Melanie J. Dunshee
Tu / F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 3043SiteLAW.160A.07.F12@sakai.duke.edu
160A.08Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sarah C. W. Baker,
Jennifer L. Behrens
M / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 3043SiteLAW.160A.08.F12@sakai.duke.edu
Section 1 & Section 6
4.5Dana A. RemusM, Tu, Th 8:00-9:21 a.m.Room 3043SiteLAW.170.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
1L Section 2 & Section 3
4.5Deborah A. DeMottM-Th 8:20-9:20 amRoom 4047SiteLAW.180.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
Section 1 & Section 5
4.5Donald H. BeskindM, Tu, Th 1:30-2:51 p.m.Room 3037SiteLAW.180.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
190.01Distinctive Aspects of U.S. Law
2Thomas B. MetzloffF 10:45-12:00 pmRoom 3041SiteLAW.190.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
195.01U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
Section 1
2Deborah K. RossM / W 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4045SiteLAW.195.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
195.02U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
Section 2
2Rima IdzelisTu / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.195.01.f12@sakai.duke.edu
195.03U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
Section 3
2Phyllis Lile-KingTu / Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom: Burdman LoungeSitelaw.195.01.f12@sakai.duke.edu
195.04U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
Section 4
2James StuartM / W 8:05-9:05 amRoom 4055Sitelaw.195.01.f12@sakai.duke.edu
200.01Administrative Law
Enrollment Cap=70 2 Spots reserved for LLMs
3Arti K. RaiTu / Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.200.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
201.01Legal Writing: Craft & Style
2Joan MagatTu 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4040SiteLAW.201.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
201.02Legal Writing: Craft & Style
2Joan MagatTh 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4046SiteLAW.201.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
203.01Business Strategy for Lawyers
FAST TRACK COURSE Exact Dates: 8/24, 8/25, 8/31, 9/1, 9/7, 9/8, 9/14, 9/15, 9/21, 9/22, 9/28, and 9/29.
3John M. de FigueiredoF 12:35-3:35 pm; Sat 9:00-12:00Room 4045Site
210.01Business Associations
4Kimberly D. KrawiecM, W, Th 1:30-2:45 pmRoom 3041SiteLAW.210.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
220.01Conflict of Laws
3Ralf MichaelsM / W 10:40-12:00 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.220.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
234.01Energy, Environment, and the Law
3Jonas J. MonastM 6:00-8:45 pmRoom 4047Site
235.01Environmental Law
3James SalzmanTu/Th 8:25-9:46 amRoom 3041SiteLAW.235.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
237.01Ethics of Social Justice Lawyering
Satisfies the Ethics and Professionalism Requirement
2S. Hannah DemerittTh 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 3037SiteLAW.237.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
238.01Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
2Kathryn Webb BradleyM / W 9:30-10:25 amRoom 3041SiteLAW.238.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
238.02Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
2Dana A. RemusW 8:40-10:30 amRoom 3043SiteLAW.238.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
239.01Ethics and the Law of Lawyering in Civil Litigation
2Thomas B. MetzloffT / Th 3:00-4:15 pmRoom 4055SiteLAW.239.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
244.01The Business and Economics of Law Firms
1Bruce A. ElvinTh 8:30-10:20 amRoom 4172SiteLAW.244.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
4Lisa Kern GriffinM, Tu, W, Th 10:40-12:00pmRoom 3041SiteLAW.245.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
250.01Family Law
3Kathryn Webb BradleyTu / Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.250.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
255.01Federal Income Taxation
4Lawrence A. ZelenakM, Tu, Th 9:15-10:30 amRoom 3037SiteLAW.255.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
260.01Financial Information
3C. J. SkenderTh 5:00-7:45 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.260.1.f12@sakai.duke.edu
265.01First Amendment
3Stuart M. BenjaminTu / Th 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.265.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
270.01Intellectual Property
4David L. LangeM-Th 11:00-11:55 amRoom 3043SiteLAW.270.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
275.01International Law
3Laurence R. HelferM / W 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.275.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
285.01Labor Law
3Daniel S. Bowling IIITu / Th 4:30-5:51 pmRoom 4055SiteLAW.285.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
287.01Principles of Commercial and Bankruptcy Law
4Steven L. SchwarczT / Th 3:00-4:50 pmRoom 3041SiteLAW.287.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
298.01Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy
Nicholas School of the Environment - 119 Telecom Classroom
2Stephen E. RoadyM 4:40-7:15 pmNicholas School-119 TelecomUnavailable
301.01AIDS and the Law
2Carolyn McAllasterM 3:00-4:50 pmRoom 3171Site
306.01Corporate Crime
4Samuel W. BuellM / W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.306.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
309.01Children and the Law
2Doriane Lambelet ColemanM / W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4055UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
314.01Community Economic Development Law
CED Class
2Andrew FosterTu / F 11:00-11:55 amRoom 3043SiteLAW.314.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
319.01Analytical Methods
FAST TRACK Course: 6 week course starting on 09/19/2012
2Larry W. ChavisW 10:30-12:00 pm; F 11:00-12:30 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.319.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
322.01Copyright Law
3Jerome H. ReichmanM / W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.322.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
329.01Education Law: Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Considerations
2Jane R. WettachM / W 3:00-3:55 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.329.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
339.01Law and Literature
3James BoyleTu / Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4055SiteLAW.339.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
342.01Federal Courts
5Ernest A. YoungM-Th 1:30-2:40 pmRoom 3043SiteLAW.342.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
345.01Gender & the Law
3Katharine T. BartlettTu/Th 3:05-4:26 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.345.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
347.01Health Care Law and Policy
Fuqua School of Business-Rand Classroom Term 2 October 29-December 11
3Barak D. RichmanTu / F 10:30-12:45 pmFuqua School of Business-Rand ClassroomUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
351.01American Immigration and Nationality Law
2Hans Christian LinnartzTu / W 8:55-9:50 amRoom 4040SiteLAW.351.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
360.01International Taxation
3Richard L. SchmalbeckW 3:00-4:50Room: 3043SiteLAW.360.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
361.01International Trade Law
3Rachel BrewsterM / W 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 3041SiteLAW.361.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
364.01Global Health
Located in Sanford; Room # to come
3Kathryn WhettenM / W 8:30-9:45 am; Th 4:30-5:50 pmSanford School of Public PolicyUnavailable
368.01Natural Resources Law and Policy
2James SalzmanW 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4046SiteLAW.368.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
370.01Introduction to Legal Theory
3Jedediah PurdyTu / Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.370.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
400.01Health Justice Clinic
3Ls Only
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice,
S. Hannah Demeritt
Tu 2:30-4:20 pmRoom 4044Unavailable
402.01HIV / AIDS Policy Clinic
Located in Clinic Conference Room
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
TBDClinic Conference RoomUnavailable
405.01Appellate Practice
3Christopher G. Browning Jr.M 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 4045Site
407.01Appellate Litigation Clinic (Fall)
3James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Sean E. Andrussier
Th 6:35-8:35 pmRoom 4040SiteLAW.407.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
416.01Children's Law Clinic
3Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
Tu 10:00-11:50 amRoom 3171SiteLAW.416.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
420.01Trial Practice
3Thomas K. MaherTu 6:30-10:00 pmRoom 4049SiteLAW.420.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
421.01Pre-Trial Litigation
2Marilyn R. ForbesM 5:30-7:30 pmRoom 4049UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
427.01Community Enterprise Law Clinic
4Andrew Foster,
Jeff Ward
M 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.427.1.f12@sakai.duke.edu
441.01Start-Up Ventures Clinic
4Kip H. JohnsonW 4:15-6:15 pmRoom 3171Unavailable
443.01Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
Class will meet at the Nicholas School in LSRC
4Ryke Longest,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
W 10:00-11:50 amNicholas School-LSRCSiteLAW.443.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
448.01Guantanamo Defense Clinic
4Madeline Morris,
Gabriela M. McQuade
Th 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4172Unavailable
3Robert BeasonM 3:00-5:45 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.460.1.f12@sakai.duke.edu
3Kathleen C. WallaceM 6:00-8:45 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.460.2.f12@sakai.duke.edu
3Diane DimondW 3:00-5:45 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.460.3.f12@sakai.duke.edu
3Rene Stemple EllisTh 4:30-7:15 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.460.4.f12@sakai.duke.edu
493.01Wrongful Convictions Clinic
4James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Theresa Newman
M / W 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 4046SiteLAW.493.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
500.01Arbitration: Law and Practice
3Charles R. HoltonTh 6:00-8:45 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.500.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
503.01Sources of Environmental Law
2Jedediah PurdyTu 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4046SiteLAW.503.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
510.01Legal Interviewing & Counseling
2Jeff WardW 4:30-7:30 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.510.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
519.01Contract Drafting
2Jeremy MullemW 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.519.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
525.01Corporate Reorganization
2Jeffrey C. CoyneM 8:00-9:50 amRoom 4044Unavailable
526.01Interracial Intimacies
2Karla F. HollowayTu 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.526.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
533.02Rhetoric & Advocacy
2Jeff WardTh 10:00-11:50 amRoom 3171SiteLAW.533.02.F12@sakai.duke.edu
534.01Advising the Entrepreneurial Client
3Erika J.S. BuellTu / Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.534.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
538.01Fixed Income Markets & Quantitative Methods
3Bill BrownTu / Th 4:30-5:51 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.538.0.f12@sakai.duke.edu
539.01Ethics in Action
2Alice N. MineW 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.539.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
541.01Nonprofit Organizations
3Richard L. SchmalbeckTu / Th 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 4047SiteLAW.541.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
542.01Financial Services: Mutual Funds and Asset Management
2Marty LybeckerTh 10:45-12:06 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.542.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
543.01International Law & International Relations Theory
2Rachel BrewsterW 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4044SiteLAW.543.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
546.01International Law of Armed Conflict
With permission of the Instructor, the paper for this course may satisfy the JD/LLM writing requirement or upper-level writing requirement.
2Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)Tu 8:30-10:20 amRoom 4044Unavailable
549.01Corporate Counseling and Communication
2Frances Turner MockW 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 4172SiteLAW.549.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
560.01Sales and Value Added Tax Law
Located in Rubenstein Hall, Room 153
2William J. TurnierF 10:05-11:35 am; F 1:25-2:55 pm153 Rubenstein HallUnavailable
562.01Sentencing & Punishment
2Judge James C. Dever IIITh 4:35-6:25 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.562.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
564.01What Do Universities Do?
Located at Stanford, Room 150
3Charles ClotfelterM, W 1:25-2:40 pm150 SanfordUnavailable
579.01Mass Torts
2Francis McGovern,
Thomas B. Metzloff,
Jonathan B. Wiener
Tu 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 4172SiteLAW.579.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
582.01National Security Law
3Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.),
Scott L. Silliman
M, Th 7:00-9:00 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.582.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
610.01Exchange Program in International Law
Credits Variable: 3-14
611A.01Readings in Ethics
Empathy & the Law
0.5Jeff WardTBDTBDUnavailable
611A.03Readings in Ethics
Ethical Issues in National SecurityCredits Variable: .5 - 1 Credit Year Long Course
0.5Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)TBDTBDUnavailable
611A.04Readings in Ethics
Legal Ethics in Film
0.5Thomas B. MetzloffTBDTBDUnavailable
611A.06Readings in Ethics
Ethics of Young Professionals
0.5Marin K. LevyTBDTBDUnavailable
611A.07Readings in Ethics
Focus: Ethics in Adversary Systems
0.5David F. Levi,
James E. Coleman, Jr.
This is a Year Long Course
0.5Jonathan B. WienerTBDTBDSitelaw.613a.1.f12@sakai.duke.edu
614.01Reading Group in Constitutional Theory
Note: Year Long Course for 1 Credit
1Joseph Blocher,
Ernest A. Young
620.01International Externship
10 Credits
Credits Variable: 1-12
624.01Capstone Project
Credits Variable: 1-4 Credits
626.01Capstone Project Paper
Credits Variable: 1-4 Credits
641.01EXTERNSHIP: Federal Public Defender's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina
4James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Lauren Harrell Brennan,
Diana H. Pereira
TBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
642.01Defending the Federal Criminal Defendant
1James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Lauren Harrell Brennan,
Diana H. Pereira
W 6:00-8:00 pmRoom 4046Unavailable
643.01PAPER: Federal Public Defender's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina
4James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Lauren Harrell Brennan,
Diana H. Pereira
655.01Spanish for Legal Studies
2Sebastian KielmanovichW 7:00-9:20 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.655.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
671.01Duke Law in DC: Federal Regulatory Reform, EXTERNSHIP INACTIVE
3James D. Cox,
Jeffrey Peck
677.01Duke Law in DC: Rethinking Federal Regulation
Variable Credit: 3-5
4James D. Cox,
Jeffrey Peck
702.01Alternative Dispute Resolution
2Francis McGovernM 3:00-5:45 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.702.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
704.01Elder Law
2Marie Grant LukensTh 3:00-4:50 pmRoom 4044Unavailable
717.01Comparative Constitutional Design
2Donald L. HorowitzM 3:00-5:15 pmRoom 4172SiteLAW.717.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
724.01Intellectual Property, Public Domain, and Free Speech
3Jennifer JenkinsM / W 3:00-4:21 pmRoom 4045SiteLAW.724.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
727.01Current Issues in Constitutional Interpretation
Acceptance by Permission Only.
1Samuel A. AlitoTBDRoom 4040Unavailable
752.01International Investment Law
2Julie MaupinTu 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.752.01.f12@sakai.duke.edu
776.01Supreme Court Litigation
2Donald B. AyerW 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4042SiteLAW.776.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
777.01Deal Skills for the Transactional Lawyer
3Terence M. HynesM 1:30-4:15 pmRoom 4044SiteLAW.777.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
778.01Law & Entrepreneurship
2Kip A. FreyTu 6:00-8:45 pmRoom 4055Unavailable
779.01Well-Being and the Practice of Law
1Daniel S. Bowling IIIW 6:00-7:30 pmRoom 4055UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
787.01Writing: Electronic Discovery
2Rebecca RichM 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4040SiteLAW.787.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
789.01Writing: Federal Litigation
2Sarah C. W. BakerW 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4172SiteLAW.789.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
793.01History and Constitutional Authority
2Curtis A. BradleyW 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4046SiteLAW.793.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu
794.01Slaves as Refugees and the Laws of War: Gender, Race, and the origins of human rights law in the U.S.
2Paul FinkelmanTu 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4046SiteLAW.794.01.F12@sakai.duke.edu