Fall 2014 Class Schedule

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Course NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursInstructorMeeting Day/TimeRoomSakai SiteEmail List
101.01Foundations of Law
* Class meets from August 26-October 7
1James SalzmanTu 1:45-3:25 pmRm 3041; Rm 4055; Rm 3037Sitelaw.101.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
110.02Civil Procedure
Small section 3
4.5Marin K. LevyM,W,Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4047Sitelaw.110.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
110.03Civil Procedure
Small section 5
4.5Darrell A. H. MillerM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.110.03.f14@sakai.duke.edu
110.04Civil Procedure
Small Section 4
4.5Thomas B. MetzloffM,W,Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.110.04.f14@sakai.duke.edu
110.05Civil Procedure
Small section 2 & 6
4.5Stephen SachsM,W,Th 3:15-4:40 pmRoom 3037Sitecivpro.sachs.f14@sakai.duke.edu
120.01Constitutional Law
Small section 2
4.5Guy-Uriel CharlesM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.120.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
120.02Constitutional Law
Small sections 3 & 4
4.5Ernest A. YoungM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.120.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
Small section 6
4.5Katharine T. BartlettM,W,Th 9:15-10:50 amRoom 4042Sitelaw.130.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
Small sections 3 & 5
4.5Paul H. HaagenM,W,Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.130.03.f14@sakai.duke.edu
140.01Criminal Law
Small sections 1 & 5
4.5Nita Farahany M,W,Th 9:15-10:50 amRoom 3037Sitelaw.140.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.01Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sean E. Andrussier,
Deanne Morgan
Tu/F 11:00-12:10 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.160a.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.02Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Diane Appleton Reeves,
Marguerite Most
Tu/F 11:00-12:10 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.160a.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.03Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jeremy Mullem,
Deanne Morgan
Tu/F 9:30-10:40 amRoom 3037Sitelaw.160a.03.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.04Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Frances Turner Mock,
Laura M. Scott
Tu/F 9:30-10:40 amRoom 4047Sitelaw.160a.04.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.05Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jo Ann Ragazzo,
Jennifer L. Behrens
Tu/F 11:00-12:10 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.160a.05.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.06Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Rebecca Rich,
Jane Bahnson
Tu/F 9:30-10:40 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.160a.06.f14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.07Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sarah Powell,
Kristina J. Alayan
Tu/F 9:30-10:40 amRoom 4042SiteLAW.160A.07.F14@sakai.duke.edu
160A.08Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sarah C. W. Baker,
Kelly Leong
Tu/F 11:00-12:10 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.160a.08.f14@sakai.duke.edu
Small sections 2 & 4
4.5Deborah A. DeMottM-Th 8:20-9:20 amRoom 3041Sitelaw.180.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
Small sections 1 & 6
4.5Doriane Lambelet ColemanM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.180.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
190.01Distinctive Aspects of U.S. Law
LLMs Only
2Thomas B. MetzloffF 9:30-10:50 amRoom 3041Sitelaw.190.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
195.01U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
2Diane Dimond,
Jennifer L. Behrens
MW 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4000Sitelaw.195.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
195.02U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
2Jena Reger,
Kelly Leong
Tu/Th 11:20-12:20 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.195.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
195.03U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
2Phyllis Lile-King,
Marguerite Most
Tu/Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4000Sitelaw.195.03.f14@sakai.duke.edu
195.04U.S. Legal Analysis, Research and Writing for International Students
2James Stuart,
Jane Bahnson
M/W 8:00-9:00 amRoom 4055Sitelaw.195.04.f14@sakai.duke.edu
200.01Administrative Law
3Matthew AdlerM/W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.200.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
201.01Legal Writing: Craft & Style
2Joan MagatTu 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.201.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
201.02Legal Writing: Craft & Style
2Joan MagatW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.201.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
203.01Business Strategy for Lawyers
3John M. de FigueiredoW/F 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.203.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
3Matthew SawchakTu/Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.205.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
210.01Business Associations
4Elisabeth D. de FontenayM,W,Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.210.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
235.01Environmental Law
3Jonathan B. WienerTu/Th 4:45-6:05 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.235.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
237.01Ethics of Social Justice Lawyering
2S. Hannah DemerittF 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.237.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
238.01Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
2Mary Beth Basile ChopasTu 9:00-10:50 amRoom 3043Sitelaw.238.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
239.01Ethics and the Law of Lawyering in Civil Litigation
2Marilyn R. ForbesTu 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.239.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
244.01The Business and Economics of Law Firms
1Bruce A. Elvin,
George R. Krouse, Jr.
Th 8:30-10:20 amRoom 3000Sitelaw.244.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
4Donald H. BeskindM,W,Th 3:15-4:30 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.245.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
255.01Federal Income Taxation
4Richard L. SchmalbeckM,Tu,Th 11:00-12:15 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.255.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
265.01First Amendment
3Stuart M. BenjaminM/W 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.265.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
270.01Intellectual Property
4Jennifer JenkinsM,Tu,Th 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.270.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
275.01International Law
3Laurence R. HelferM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.275.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
285.01Labor Law
3Daniel S. Bowling IIITu/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.285.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
287.01Principles of Commercial and Bankruptcy Law
4Steven L. SchwarczTu/Th 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.287.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
288.01Consumer Bankruptcy & Debt
2Sara GreeneTu 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4040Sitelaw.288.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
289.01Business Essentials
NEW COURSE *Introductory course not open to students with business background/undergraduate degree in business or JD/MBA candidates. Course not open to students who've taken Law 260 Financial Information; taking this course precludes taking Law 260 Financial Information in the future.
2Gregg D. PolskyTh 9:00-10:50 amRoom 3043Sitelaw.289.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
298.01Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy
Cross-Listed Course
2Stephen E. RoadyM 3:05-5:45 pmWill meet at the Nicholas School-TBDSitelaw.298.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
301.01AIDS and the Law
2Carolyn McAllasterM 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.301.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
304.01Big Bank Regulation
4Lawrence G. BaxterM,W,Th 9:30-10:45 amRoom 3041Sitelaw.304.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
306.01Corporate Crime
4Samuel W. BuellTu/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.306.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
317.01Criminal Justice Ethics
2Theresa NewmanW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.317.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
318.01European Union Commercial Law
*NEW Course*
3Karl RiesenhuberTu/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.318.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
319.01Analytical Methods
*FAST TRACK COURSE - Class will meet Aug. 27th -Oct. 24th. With a Final (2 part) Exam on Oct. 29th and Oct. 31st during class time.
2John M. de FigueiredoW/F 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.319.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
322.01Copyright Law
3Jerome H. ReichmanM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.322.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
327.01Energy Law
*Cross listed course with Energy 727
3Jonas J. MonastTu/Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4055Sitelaw.327.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
329.01Education Law: Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Considerations
2Jane R. WettachTu/Th 2:05-3:00 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.329.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
330.01Federal Criminal Law
4Sara Sun BealeM/Th 3:15-5:15 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.330.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
333.01Science Law & Policy
Cross-Listed Course with Bio-Ethics 703
2Nita Farahany M 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.333.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
336.01Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Associations is a pre- or co- requisite.
2Terence M. HynesM 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.336.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
339.01Law and Literature
3James BoyleM/W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.339.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
342.01Federal Courts
5Neil S. SiegelM,W,Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.342.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
351.01American Immigration and Nationality Law
2Hans Christian LinnartzTu/W 9:20-10:15 amRoom 3000Sitelaw.351.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
358.01Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions
3Kip H. JohnsonTh 4:30-7:30 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.358.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
361.01International Trade Law
3Scott S. LincicomeM 5:00-8:00 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.361.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
366.01Advanced Issues in Wrongful Convictions
3James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Theresa Newman
369.01Patent Law and Policy
3Arti K. Rai,
Saurabh Vishnubhakat
Tu/Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.369.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
370.01Introduction to Legal Theory
3Jedediah PurdyM/W 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4055Sitelaw.370.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
375.01International Intellectual Property
3Jerome H. ReichmanM/W 5:15-6:35 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.375.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
388.01Social Science Evidence in Law
3Neil VidmarM/W 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4172Sitelaw.388.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
394A.01Past & Future of Capitalist Democracy
3Jedediah PurdyM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.394a.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
400.01Health Justice Clinic
Class will meet in the Clinic Conference Room
0Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice,
S. Hannah Demeritt
M 3:15-5:05 PMClinic Conference RoomUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
402.01HIV / AIDS Policy Clinic
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
TBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
405.01Appellate Practice
3Sean E. AndrussierW 4:45-6:45 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.405.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
416.01Children's Law Clinic
0Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
W 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.416.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
420.01Trial Practice
3Thomas K. MaherTu 6:00-8:50 pmRoom 4049UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
421.01Pre-Trial Litigation
2Marilyn R. ForbesM 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.421.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
427.01Community Enterprise Law Clinic
4Andrew FosterTh 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.427.01.fall14@sakai.duke.edu
429.01Civil Justice Clinic
Class will meet for the first 6 weeks of the semester with individual meetings after that for the rest of the semester.
4Charles R. HoltonTh 1:45-3:45 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.429.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
437.01International Human Rights Clinic
International Human Rights Advocacy (LAW 537) is a pre-requisite or co-requisite for this course.
5Jayne HuckerbyTu 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.437.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
441.01Start-Up Ventures Clinic
4Jeff WardTh 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.441.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
443.01Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
4Ryke Longest,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
W 10:00-11:50 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.443.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
448.01Guantanamo Defense Clinic
4Madeline Morris,
Gabriela M. McQuade
Th 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4172UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
3Diane DimondW 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.460.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
3Neil VidmarTu 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.460.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
3Kathleen C. WallaceM 5:00-7:45 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.460.03.f14@sakai.duke.edu
3Robert BeasonM 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.460.04.f14@sakai.duke.edu
493.01Wrongful Convictions Clinic
This class will meet in the First Floor Conference Room of the Law School
4James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Theresa Newman
Tu 3:15-5:05 pm1st Floor Conference RoomSitelaw.493.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
500.01Arbitration: Law and Practice
3Charles R. HoltonTh 6:00-9:00 pmRoom 3000SiteLAW.500.01.F14@sakai.duke.edu
501.01International Civil Litigation
3Ralf MichaelsM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.501.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
507.01Chinese Corporate and Securities Law: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
This is a one week course that meets the week of September 15th.
1James D. Cox,
Gao Xiqing
M-Th 6:00-8:30 pm; Sat 2:00-4:00 pmRoom 4172SiteLAW.507.01.F14@sakai.duke.edu
508.01Chinese Law and Society
2Taisu Zhang, J.D.Tu 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.508.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
510.01Legal Interviewing & Counseling
FAST TRACK COURSE. Class will meet the first 8 weeks of the semester: 8/27; 9/3; 9/10; 9/17; 9/24; 10/1; 10/8; and 10/22.
2Jeff WardW 5:00-8:00 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.510.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
515.01Contract Drafting for the Finance Lawyer
Class will finish by the first week in November. Two Saturday afternoon classes will be required.
2Alexandra K. JohnsonM 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.515.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
525.01Corporate Reorganization
2Jeffrey C. CoyneM 8:00-9:50 amRoom 4044Sitelaw.525.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
534.01Advising the Entrepreneurial Client
Business Associations is a pre-req to take this course. This course is for JD students ONLY.
3Erika J.S. BuellM/W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.534.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
534.02Advising the Entrepreneurial Client
Open to student in the 1-year LLM-LE program ONLY
3Erika J.S. BuellM/W 8:00-9:20 amRoom 4000Sitelaw.534.02.f14@sakai.duke.edu
537.01International Human Rights Advocacy Seminar
International Human Rights Advocacy (LAW 537) is a pre-requisite or co-requisite for the International Human Rights Clinic (LAW 437).
2Jayne HuckerbyM 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.537.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
539.01Ethics in Action
2Thomas B. MetzloffW 4:00-6:00 PMRoom 3000Sitelaw.539.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
541.01Nonprofit Organizations
3Richard L. SchmalbeckM/W 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.541.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
542.01Financial Services: Mutual Funds and Asset Management
2Marty LybeckerTh 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.542.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
545.01Urban Legal History
NEW Course
3Joseph BlocherTu 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.545.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
546.01International Law of Armed Conflict
2Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)M 8:30-10:20 amRoom 3000Sitelaw.546.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
549.01Corporate Counseling and Communication
2Frances Turner MockW 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.542.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
556.01Second Amendment: History, Theory, and Practice
2Darrell A. H. MillerTu 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.556.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
560.01Sales and Value Added Tax Law
2Peter A. BarnesTu 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.560.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
562.01Sentencing & Punishment
2Arthur F. Beeler, Jr.,
Judge James C. Dever III
W 4:45-6:35 pm4042Sitelaw.562.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
571.01The Changing Face of Marriage and Family: Pastoral and Legal Perspectives
2Kathryn Webb BradleyW 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.571.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
582.01National Security Law
3Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)M/W 5:30-7:30 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.582.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
591.01Development Finance
FAST TRACK COURSE: Class meets September 4th - October 21st
2Manuel SagerTu/Th 3:15-5:15 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.591.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
601.01Duke Law in DC: Federal Policymaking
4Ted Kaufman,
Christopher H. Schroeder,
Jeffrey Peck
611A.01Readings in Ethics
0.5Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)TBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
0.5Jonathan B. WienerTBDTBDSitelaw.613a.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
619.01Readings: Current Aspects of Contract and Commercial Law through the Lens of Legal History
1 Credit but students can receive an additional credit upon completion of an additional 15 page paper.
1Julia RudolphTBDTBDSiteLAW.619.01.F14@sakai.duke.edu
636.01Food, Agriculture and the Environment: Law & Policy
Cross-listed course
2Michelle Benedict NowlinW 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.636.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
639.01Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions Course Plus Offering
Concurrent enrollment in Law 358 (Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions) is required.
1Gregg D. PolskyTu 9:00-10:00 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.639.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
655.01Spanish for Legal Studies
2Sebastian KielmanovichW 7:00-9:20 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.655.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
659.01Corporate Crime Course Plus
Concurrent enrollment in Corporate Crime is required.
1Samuel W. BuellTh 3:15-4:10 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.659.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
679.01Duke Law in DC Externship
6Ted Kaufman,
Christopher H. Schroeder,
Jeffrey Peck
-UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
702.01Alternative Dispute Resolution
2Francis McGovernM/W 2:05-3:00 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.702.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
704.01Elder Law
2Marie Grant LukensTh 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.704.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
716.01Information Privacy and Government Surveillance Law
2Christopher H. SchroederM 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.716.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
727.01Current Issues in Constitutional Interpretation
3L's only. Application period is now closed.
1Samuel A. AlitoTh 12:00 pmTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
731.01Legal Strategy
3Francis McGovernM/W 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.731.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
776.01Supreme Court Litigation
2Donald B. AyerTu 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4044Sitelaw.776.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
778.01Law & Entrepreneurship
2Kip A. FreyTu 7:30-10:00 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.778.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
785.01Legal Writing in Civil Practice
2Jo Ann RagazzoW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.785.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
787.01Writing: Electronic Discovery
2Sarah PowellTh 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4040Sitelaw.787.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu
790.01Writing for Publication
2Jeremy MullemTh 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.790.01.f14@sakai.duke.edu