Spring 2012 Class Schedule

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Course NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursInstructorMeeting Day/TimeRoomSakai SiteEmail List
100B.01The Dean's Course: An Introduction to Lawyering and the Legal Profession
1David F. LeviUnavailableINTROLAWPROF-100B-01-SP12
110.04Civil Procedure
1L Section 1
4.5Darrell A. H. MillerM/T/Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4055SiteCIVPRO-110-04-SP12
120.05Constitutional Law
1L Sections 3 & 6
4.5Guy-Uriel CharlesM/T/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 3037SiteCONLAW-120-05-SP12
1L Sections 2 & 4
4.5Daniel L. ChenM/T/Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4047SiteCONTRACTS-130-03-SP12
1L Sections 5 & 6
4.5Paul H. HaagenM/Th 5-6:21 pm, Tu 5:40-7:01 pmM/Tu (3037); Th (3043)SiteCONTRACTS-130-04-SP12
140.02Criminal Law
1L Section 3 & 5
4.5Samuel W. BuellM-Th 3-4 pmRoom 3037SiteCRIMLAW-140-02-SP12
140.03Criminal Law
1L Sections 2 & 4
4.5James E. Coleman, Jr.M/T/Th 8-9:21 amRoom 3037SiteCRIMLAW-140-03-SP12
160B.01Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Diane Dimond,
Jane Bahnson
M/Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4055SiteLARW-160B-01-SP12
160B.02Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Diane Appleton Reeves,
Marguerite Most
M/Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4042SiteLARW-160B-02-SP12
160B.03Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jeremy Mullem,
Kelly Leong
M/Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 3043SiteLARW-160B-03-SP12
160B.04Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Frances Turner Mock,
Laura M. Scott
Tu/F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4047SiteLARW-160B-04-SP12
160B.05Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jo Ann Ragazzo,
Kristina J. Alayan
Tu/F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4042SiteLARW-160B-05-SP12
160B.06Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Rebecca Rich,
Jennifer L. Behrens
Tu/F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4055SiteLARW-160B-06-SP12
160B.07Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sean E. Andrussier,
Melanie J. Dunshee
Tu/F 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4045SiteLARW-160B-07-SP12
160B.08Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sarah C. W. Baker,
Laura M. Scott
M/Th 9:30-10:30 amRoom 4047SiteLARW-160B-08-SP12
1L Sections 1 & 6
4.5James SalzmanM/T/Th 3-4:21 pmRoom 3043SitePROPERTY-170-02-SP12
1L Section 2 & 4
4.5Dana A. RemusM/T/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 3043SitePROPERTY-170-03-SP12
1L Sections 3 & 5
4.5Donald H. BeskindM/T/Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 3037SiteTORTS-180-03-SP12
200.02Administrative Law
3Stuart M. BenjaminT/Th 3-4:21 pmRoom 4042SiteADMINLAW-200-02-SP12
202.01Art Law
2Deborah A. DeMottTu 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 3043UnavailableARTLAW-202-01-SP12
3Barak D. RichmanTu/W 9:10-10:31 amRoom 3043SiteANTIT-205-01-SP12
206.01International Arbitration
FAST TRACK; will meet on Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17, Feb 24, Mar 2, Mar 16, Mar 23
2Rachael D. KentF 12:10-3:30 pmRoom 4045SiteINTERNATARB-206-01-SP12
210.02Business Associations
4James D. CoxMTWTh 9:30-10:25 amRoom 3041SiteBUSASSOC-210-02-SP12
215.01Commercial Transactions
Class will meet in Burdman Lounge, Room 3000, Law School.
4John C. WeistartM-Th 9:30-10:25 pm; Fridays will be used for make-up classesRoom 3000 (Burdman Lounge)SiteCOMMTRANS-215-01-SP12
218.01Comparative Law: Western Legal Traditions
3Ralf MichaelsT/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4047SiteCOMPLAWWEST-218-01-SP12
220.01Conflict of Laws
3Stephen SachsT/Th 8-9:21 amRoom 4055SiteCONFLLAWS-220-01-SP12
224.01International Banking Regulation
2Lawrence G. BaxterT/Th 8:25-9:20 amRoom 4042SiteINTERNATBANKREG-224-01-SP12
225.01Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
3Judge James C. Dever IIIT/Th 5:05-6:26 pmRoom 4045SiteCRIMPROADJUD-225-01-SP12
226.01Criminal Procedure: Investigation
3Lisa Kern GriffinM/W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4047SiteCRIMPROINVEST-226-01-SP12
232.01Employment Discrimination
3Trina JonesT/Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4042SiteEMPLODISCR-232-01-SP12
236.01International Human Rights
3Laurence R. HelferM/W 3-4:21 pmRoom 4042SiteINTERNATHUMRIGHTS-236-01-SP12
244.01The Business and Economics of Law Firms
1Bruce A. Elvin,
George R. Krouse, Jr.
W 5-6:50 pmRoom 4042SiteBUSECONLAWFIRMS-244-01-SP12
4Michael E. TigarM/T/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 3041SiteEVIDENCE-245-03-SP12
250.01Family Law
3Kathryn Webb BradleyM/W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4042SiteFAMLAW-250-01-SP12
252.01Foreign Relations Law
3Curtis A. BradleyT/Th 3-4:21 pmRoom 4045SiteFOREIGNRELLAW-252-01-SP12
255.02Federal Income Taxation
4Richard L. SchmalbeckM/T/Th 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 3043SiteFEDINCOMETAX-255-02-SP12
257.01Empirical Law and Economics
3Christopher GriffinM/W 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4045SiteEMPIRLAWANDECON-257-01-SP12
277.01Critical Issues in Law and Development
The course description is specific to the Spring 2012 semester and may appear differently than the general course description in ACES.
2Laura N. BenyW 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 4046SiteINTLDEVELLAW-277-01-SP12
295.01Trusts and Estates
3Curtis A. TwiddyW/F 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 4047SiteTRUSTSESTATES-295-01-SP12
300.01Appellate Courts
2Marin K. LevyTu 5-6:50 pmRoom 4172SiteAPPEA-300-01-SP12
309.01Children and the Law
2Doriane Lambelet ColemanT/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4042SiteCHILDANDLAW-309-01-SP12
315.01Complex Civil Litigation
3David W. IchelF 9:30-12:10 pmRoom 4049SiteCMPLXCIVLITIG-315-01-SP12
317.01Criminal Justice Ethics
2Theresa NewmanM/W 11:05-noonRoom 4045SiteCRIMJUSTIETHIC-317-01-SP12
320.01Water Resources Law
2Ryke LongestM 4:30-6:30 pmRoom 4044SiteWATERRESLAW-320-01-SP12
323.01Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization
2Steven L. SchwarczTh 3-5 pmRoom 4047SiteBANKRCORPREORG-323-01-SP12
324.401Corporate Restructuring
Instructor Bio
3Tu/F 10:30-12:45 pmFuquaUnavailableCORPRESTRUCT-324-401-SP12
324.402Corporate Restructuring
Instructor Bio
3Tu/F 1:30-3:45 pmFuquaUnavailableCORPRESTRUCT-324-402-SP12
325.01Corporate Finance
3Laura N. BenyTu/W 11-11:55 amRoom 4049SiteCORPFINANCE-325-01-SP12
326.01Corporate Taxation
3Lawrence A. ZelenakM/T/Th 9:30-10:25 amRoom 3037SiteCORPTAX-326-01-SP12
328.01International Debt Finance and the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis
The course description is specific to the Spring 2012 semester and may appear differently than the general course description in ACES.
2Mitu GulatiTh 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 4042SiteINTLDEBTFINAN-328-01-SP12
330.01Federal Criminal Law
4Sara Sun BealeM/W 3-4:50 pmRoom 4047SiteCRIMLAWFED-330-01-SP12
336.01Mergers & Acquisitions
2Terence M. HynesM 3-4:50 pmRoom 3041SiteMERGERSACQ-336-01-SP12
339.01Law and Literature
3James BoyleT/Th 4:10-5:31 pmRoom 3037SiteLAWANDLITER-339-01-SP12
340.01Estate and Gift Taxation
3Nancy Russell ShawTu 5:30-8:15 pmRoom 4044SiteESTATEGIFTTAX-340-01-SP12
342.02Federal Courts
5Curtis A. BradleyM/W/Th 9:20-10:32 amRoom 4045SiteFEDCOURTS-342-02-SP12
345.01Gender & the Law
3Katharine T. BartlettW/F 10:40 am -12:01 pmRoom 4042SiteGENDEANDLAW-345-01-SP12
346.401Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy
3Wesley CohenM/Th 1:30-3:45 pmFuquaUnavailableINTELCAPCOMP-346-401-SP12
347.01Health Care Law and Policy
Cross-listed: HLTHMGMTLAW 347The first day of class is January 18, 2012.
3Barak D. RichmanW 1:30-4:30 pmFuqua RandSiteHEALTCARELAWPLCY-347-01-SP12
352.01International Business Transactions
3Charles O. Verrill, Jr.M 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 3043SiteINTERNATBUSTRAN-352-01-SP12
353.01Equity Valuation and Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
3Bill BrownT/Th 3-4:21 pmLaw 3041SiteEQTYVALADVFINSTMNTANALY-353-01-SP12
354.01Chinese Business Law
2Donald C. ClarkeW 5-6:50 pmRoom 4047SiteCHINEBUSLAW-354-01-SP12
358.01Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions
3Bill BrownT/Th 4:30-5:51 pmLaw 3041SiteSTRUCVENTCAP-358-01-SP12
363.01Legislation and Statutory Interpretation
3Margaret LemosW/F 10:40-12:01 pmRoom 3037SiteLEGISSTATUINTER-363-01-SP12
366.01Advanced Issues in Wrongful Convictions
3Theresa Newman,
James E. Coleman, Jr.
369.01Patent Law and Policy
3Arti K. RaiW/F 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 3037SitePATENTLAW-369-01-SP12
370.01Introduction to Legal Theory
3James BoyleT/Th 1:30-2:51Room 4045SiteINTROLEGALTHRY-370-01-SP12
378.401Real Estate Entrepreneurship
3Andrew B. WidmarkM/Th 10:30-12:45 pmFuquaUnavailableREALESTATEENTREP-378-401-SP12
380.01Research Methods in International, Foreign and Comparative Law
1Kristina J. AlayanM 4:30-6 pmRoom 4042SiteINTERNATRESMETH-380-01-SP12
384.01Securities Regulation
4James D. CoxM-Th 10:40-11:35 amRoom 3041SiteSECREG-384-01-SP12
390.01Structuring and Regulating Financial Transactions
3Steven L. SchwarczW 3-6 pmRoom 3043SiteSTRUCCOMMEFINANTRANS-390-01-SP12
393.01Trademark Law and Unfair Competition
2David L. LangeT/Th 11:05-noonRoom 4045SiteTRADEMARKLAW-393-01-SP12
398.01Juvenile Courts & Delinquency
2Tamar R. BirckheadM 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 4046SiteJUVENCOURTDELIN-398-01-SP12
399.01Forensic Psychiatry
2Sally C. Johnson, M.D.W 10-11:50 amRoom 3171SiteFORENSPSYCH-399-01-SP12
400.02Health Justice Clinic
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice,
S. Hannah Demeritt
M 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 3171UnavailableCLAIDSASSIST-400-02-SP12
401.01Advanced Health Justice Clinic
By Instructor Permission Only
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
402.02HIV / AIDS Policy Clinic
Instructor Permission only
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
408.01Appellate Litigation Clinic (Spring)
Year-long course. Continuation of Fall 2011 semester.
2James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Sean E. Andrussier
Th 6-8 pmRoom 4046UnavailableAPPELLATELIT-408-01-SP12
416.02Children's Law Clinic
3Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
W 1:30-3:20 pmFite Room (Room 2211)SiteCHILDRENSEDLAW-416-02-SP12
417.02Advanced Children's Law Clinic
By Permission Only
3Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
To be determinedTo be determinedUnavailableCLADVCHILDSEDLAWCL-417-02-SP12
420.02Trial Practice
3Michael DocktermanM 3-5:50 pm, Th 5:45-6:45 pm (Room 4047)Room 4049SiteTRIALPRACT-420-02-SP12
420.03Trial Practice
3William S. MillsTu 6-8:50 pm; Th 5:45-6:45 pm (4047)Room 4049SiteTRIALPRACT-420-03-SP12
420.04Trial Practice
3Charles L. BectonW 3-5:50 pm; Th 5:45-6:45 pm (4047)Room 4049SiteTRIALPRACT-420-04-SP12
420.05Trial Practice
3Thomas K. MaherM 6-8:50 pm; Th 5:45-6:45 pm (4047)Room 4049SiteTRIALPRACT-420-05-SP12
420.06Trial Practice
3Donald H. BeskindTu 3-5:50 pm; Th 5:45-6:45 pm (4047)Room 4049SiteTRIALPRACT-420-06-SP12
421.01Pre-Trial Litigation
2Marilyn R. ForbesW 5-6:50 pmRoom 4172SitePRETRIALLITIG-421-01-SP12
427.02Community Enterprise Law Clinic
4Andrew Foster,
Jeff Ward
Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4044SiteCOMMUENTERCLNC-427-02-SP12
428.01Advanced Community Enterprise Clinic
2Andrew Foster,
Jeff Ward
441.01Start-Up Ventures Clinic
4Andrew FosterUnavailableSTARTUPVENTUCLNC-441-01-SP12
443.02Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
4Ryke Longest,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
W 10-11:50 amRoom 4055SiteENVIROLAWPOLCL-443-02-SP12
448.01Guantanamo Defense Clinic
4Madeline MorrisTh 10-11:50 amRoom 4172SiteGITMODEFCL-448-01-SP12
3Diane DimondW 3-5:45 pmRoom 4055SiteNEGOTIATION-460-05-SP12
3Neil VidmarTu 3-5:45 pmRoom 4055SiteNEGOTIATION-460-06-SP12
3Rene Stemple EllisTh 3-5:45 pmLaw 4055SiteNEGOTIATION-460-07-SP12
3Kathleen C. WallaceM 5-7:42 pmLaw 4047SiteNEGOTIATION-460-08-SP12
465.01Patent Claim Drafting and Foundations of Patent Strategy
Students MUST attend the first day of class to remain enrolled in the class.
1Kenneth D. SibleyTu 5-6:50 pmLaw 4046UnavailablePATENTCLAIM-465-01-SP12
470.01Poverty Law
2Carol SpruillTu 4:40-6:30 pmRoom 4042SiteCLPOVLAW-470-01-SP12
501.01International Civil Litigation
Fast Track – Meets from week of Feb. 6 – through week of April 9
3Yuko NishitaniTu/Th 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4055SiteINTLLITIG-501-01-SP12
506.01Fraud Investigation
2Jeffrey C. CoyneM 8-9:50 amRoom 4044SiteFRAUDINVEST-506-01-SP12
509.01Chinese Legal History
2Jonathan K. OckoTh 3-4:50 pmRoom 3171UnavailableCHINELEGALHISTO-509-01-SP12
510.01Legal Interviewing & Counseling
Fast track will meet 8 times: Thursday, January 12 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, January 19 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, January 26 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, February 2 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, February 9 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, February 16 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, February 23 - 4:00 – 7:00 Thursday, March 1 - 4:00 – 7:00
2Jeff WardTh 4-7 pmLaw 4049SiteLEGALINTERCOUNS-510-01-SP12
513.01Legal Writing in the Context of a Complex Criminal Trial
2Diane Appleton ReevesW 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4046SiteLEGALWRITECMPLXCRIM-513-01-SP12
519.01Contract Drafting
2Jeremy MullemTu 10-11:50 amRoom 4044SiteCONTRDRAFT-519-01-SP12
520.01Climate Change and the Law
2Jonathan B. WienerTh 9:40-11:30 amRoom 4049SiteCLIMATECHANGE-520-01-SP12
524.01Health and Medical Research for Lawyers
FAST TRACK: Meets Jan 11, Jan 18, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, 2012
1Jane Bahnson10-noonRoom 2211 (Fite Room)SiteHEALTMEDRESLAWYE-524-01-SP12
527.01Access to Medicines: Intellectual Property and Global Public Health
2Jerome H. ReichmanTu 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 4047SiteACCESMEDIC-527-01-SP12
528.01Capital Punishment
2Joseph BlocherTu 3-4:50 pmRoom 3171SiteCAPPUNISH-528-01-SP12
529.01Genetics and The Law
2Lauren A. DameW 10-11:50 amRoom 4172SiteGENETANDLAW-529-01-SP12
530.01Entertainment Law
3David L. LangeW 3-6 pmRoom 3171SiteENTERTAINLAW-530-01-SP12
533.03Rhetoric & Advocacy
2Charles L. BectonTh 10-11:50 amRoom 4044SiteRHETANDADV-533-03-SP12
539.02Ethics in Action
2Thomas B. MetzloffTu 3-4:50 pmRoom 4046SiteETHICSACTION-539-02-SP12
3Peter G. FishM/W 4-5:20 pmSanfordSiteCOURTSWAR-548S-01-SP12
554.01Deceit and Betrayal: Perspectives on Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Obligation
2Deborah A. DeMottW 5:10-7 pmRoom 4044SitePERSPFRAUD-554-01-SP12
555.01International Environmental Law
2James SalzmanTu 10-11:50 amRoom 3171SiteINTERNATENVIROLAW-555-01-SP12
559.01Latin American Business Law
FAST TRACK: will meet 6 times
1Sebastian KielmanovichW 7-9 pmRoom 4055SiteLATINAMBUSLAW-559-01-SP12
561.01Tax Policy
3Lawrence A. ZelenakM 3-4:15 pm / W 3-4:30 pmRoom 4172SiteTAXPOLICY-561-01-sp12
573.01Criminal Law in the Armed Forces
2Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.),
Scott L. Silliman
W 3-5 pmRoom 4044SiteCRIMLAWARMEDFORCE-573-01-SP12
582.02National Security Law
3Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.),
Scott L. Silliman
M/Th 7-9 pmRoom 4042SiteNATSECLAW-582-02-SP12
585.01Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Not-For-Profit Law and Management
Class will meet for the first time on Jan. 18, 2012
3Joel L. FleishmanW 8:30-11 amRoom 03 SanfordSitePHILVOLNFP-585-01-SP12
586.01Globalization & Domestic Courts
2Ralf MichaelsM 1:30-3:20 pmLaw 4044SiteGLOBALDOMCOURTS-586-01-SP12
587.01Race and the Law
2Trina JonesTu 3-4:50 pmRoom 4040SiteRACEANDLAW-587-01-SP12
590.01Risk Regulation in the US, Europe and Beyond
Cross-listed: History 325
2Jonathan B. WienerTu 3:30-5:20 pmRoom 4044SiteRISKREGULUSEURBEY-590-01-SP12
594.02Custom and Law
2Curtis A. Bradley,
Mitu Gulati
W 3-5 pmRoom 4040UnavailableCUSTOANDLAW-594-02-SP12
598.01Environmental Law and the Constitution
2John F. HartW 3:30-5:20 pmFite Room (Room 2211)SiteENVLAWHSTPERS-598-01-SP12
599.01The Federal Prosecutor: A View from the Trenches
2Clay C. Wheeler,
Dennis M. Duffy
W 6-7:50 pmRoom 4046SiteFEDPROSE-599-01-SP12
600.02Duke Law in DC: Federal Policy Making, Externship INACTIVE
3Ted Kaufman,
Jeffrey Peck
601.02Duke Law in DC: Federal Policymaking
605.01Chinese for Legal Studies (Mandarin)
Course requires a minimum enrollment of 6 students to be taught. Meeting day and time will be coordinated by the instructor in conjunction with those enrolled.
610.01Exchange Program in International Law
611B.03Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Lawyers & Litigation
0.5Thomas B. MetzloffUnavailableEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
611B.04Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Legal Ethics in Film
0.5Neil S. SiegelUnavailableEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
611B.06Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Ethics of Being a Young Professional
0.5Marin K. LevySiteEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
611B.07Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Large Law Firms
0.5Ernest A. YoungUnavailableEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
611B.40Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Ethical Issues in National Security
0.5Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)SiteEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
611B.41Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Empathy & the Law
0.5Jeff WardUnavailableEXCHAPROGR-610-01-SP12
0.5Jonathan B. WienerTBDTBDUnavailableREAD-613B-01-SP12
630.01French for Legal Studies
Click on course number for section-specific information.
632.01LLMLE Practicum
5Kip A. FreyTu 7:15-9 pmRoom 4055UnavailableLLMLEPRACT-632-01-SP12
633.01Interrogations and Testimony Seminar
2Lisa Kern GriffinTu 10-11:50 amRoom 4172SiteINTERANDTESTI-633-01-SP12
635.01German for Legal Studies
Course requires a minimum enrollment of 6 students to be taught. Meeting day and time will be coordinated by the instructor in conjunction with those enrolled.
636.01Food, Agriculture and the Environment: Law & Policy
2Jeff Ward,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
Tu 3-4:21 pm and Fri 1:30-2:51 pmRoom 4047SiteFOODLAWSUSTA-636-01-SP12
638.01American Security Law
2Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)W 9-10:50 amRoom 4040UnavailableAMERISECURLAW-638-01-SP12
639.01Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions Course Plus Offering
1Bill BrownTu 6:10-7:10 pmRoom 4040UnavailableVCPRIVAEQCOURSPLUS-639-01-SP12
641.02EXTERNSHIP: Federal Public Defender's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina
642.02Defending the Federal Criminal Defendant
643.02PAPER: Federal Public Defender's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina
650.01Japanese for Legal Studies
653.01Russian for Legal Studies
3Languages 211M/w 2:50-4:05 pmUnavailableLEGALBUSRUSSI-653-01-SP12
656.01Strategies in Business Associations / COURSE PLUS
FAST TRACK: will meet late Jan to early Mar; exact dates TBD by instructors
1James D. CoxW 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 3041SiteBACOURSSTRATBUSTRANS-656-01-SP12
657.02Research Tutorial
665.01Korean for Legal Studies
Course requires a minimum enrollment of 6 students to be taught. Meeting day and time will be coordinated by the instructor in conjunction with those enrolled.
668.01Italian for Legal Studies
There must be an enrollment of 6 or greater for the class remain active.
672.01The Constitutional Law and Politics of the Affordable Care Act
2Neil S. SiegelM 10-11:50 amRoom 4044UnavailableLAWPOLAFFORCAREACT-672-01-SP12
673.01U.S. Supreme Court
3Neil S. SiegelTu 9-11:42 amRoom 4040UnavailableUSSUPRECOURT-673-01-SP12
674.01Non-State Actors and the International Legal System
2Suzanne KatzensteinTh 10-11:50 amRoom 4046UnavailableNONSTATEACTORINTLLAW-674-01-SP12
682.01Legal Frameworks: Ghana
Click on course number for section-specific information.
3Kathryn Webb BradleyTu 3-4:50 pmRoom 4172SiteLEGALFRAMEGHANA-682-01-SP12
690.02JD/MA Global Business Law
692.01Juvenile Courts and Delinquency Practicum / COURSE PLUS
1Tamar R. BirckheadM 6:30-7:20 pmRoom 4046SiteJUVENCOURTPRACT-692-01-SP12
699.02SJD Continuation
710.01Derivatives: Financial Markets, Law and Policy
3Kimberly D. KrawiecM/W 4:30-5:51 pmRoom 4045SiteDERIVATIVES-710-01-SP12
720.01Advanced Copyright: Digital Technologies
2Troy D. DowM 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4046UnavailableADVCOPYDIGITAL-720-01-SP12
736.01Advanced Issues in Children and Family Law
2Doriane Lambelet ColemanW 10-11:50 amRoom 4046SiteADVISSINCHILDFAMLAW-736-01-SP12
749.01Strategies in Commercial Transactions
1John C. Weistart,
J. Scott Merrell
Tu 4:15-6:15 pmRoom 2211 (Fite Room)UnavailableSTRATCOMMTRANSACT-749-01-SP12
752.01International Investment Law
2Julie MaupinTh 3-4:50 pmRoom 4044SiteINTLINVESLAW-752-01-SP12
753.01Law and Literature: Race & Gender
3Katharine T. BartlettTh 4:30-7:15 pmRoom 4172SiteLAWLITRACEGENDER-753-01-SP12
754.01IP Transactions
2Mark H. WebbinkM 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 4055SiteINTELPROPLIC-754-01-SP12
765.01Introduction to Technology in the Law Office
2Wayne Miller,
Jennifer L. Behrens
Th 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4172SiteTECHLAWOFFICE-765-01-SP12
774.01Taboo Trades & Forbidden Exchanges
2Kimberly D. KrawiecM 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 3171SiteTABOOTRADES-774-01-SP12
775.01Corporate Governance and Ethics
1J. Scott MerrellM 4:30-6:20 pmRoom 2211 (Fite Room)SiteCORPETHICGOVER-775-01-SP12
781.01Music's Copyright: A Historical, Incentives-Based, and Aesthetic Analysis of the Law of Music
3Jennifer JenkinsT/Th 5-6:21 pmRoom 3171SiteMUSICCOPYRIGHT-781-01-SP12
782.01Deals Skills II: Negotiating and Documenting Joint Venture Arrangements
3Terence M. HynesM 9-11:42 amRoom 3171SiteDEALSKILLSJOINT-782-01-SP12
783.01Dignitary Torts
3George C. ChristieM/W 3-4:21 pmRoom 4045SiteDIGNITORTS-783-01-SP12
787.01Writing: Electronic Discovery
2Rebecca RichTh 10-11:50 amRoom 4040UnavailableWRITEELECDIS-787-1-SP12
789.01Writing: Federal Litigation
2Sarah C. W. BakerW 10-11:50 amRoom 4044SiteWRITEFEDLIT-789-01-SP12
791.01Judicial Writing
2Joan MagatTh 1:30-3:20 pmRoom 4040SiteWRITEJUDICIAL-791-01-SP12
792.01NC Public Policy Integrated Externship
3Andrew Foster, Deborah K. RossM 4-5:30 pmRoom 4040UnavailableNCPUBPOLINTEGEXTER-792-01-SP12