Spring 2015 Class Schedule

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Course NumberCourse TitleCredit HoursInstructorMeeting Day/TimeRoomSakai SiteEmail List
101.02Foundations of Law
1James BoyleTu 1:45-3:10 pmGross Hall-Room 107Sitelaw.101.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
120.03Constitutional Law
Small Section 1
4.5H. Jefferson PowellM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.120.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
120.04Constitutional Law
Small Sections 5 & 6
4.5Matthew AdlerM,W,Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.120.04.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
Small Sections 2 & 4
4.5Sara GreeneM,W,Th 9:30-10:50amRoom 4047Sitelaw.130.04.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
140.02Criminal Law
Small Sections 2 & 4
4.5Samuel W. BuellM,W,Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.140.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
140.03Criminal Law
Small Sections 3 & 6
4.5Sara Sun BealeM-Th 3:15-4:15 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.140.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
160B.01Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sean E. AndrussierTBATBASitelaw.160b.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
160B.02Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Marguerite Most,
Diane Appleton Reeves
160B.03Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jeremy MullemTBATBASitelaw.160b.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
160B.04Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Frances Turner Mock,
Laura M. Scott
160B.05Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Jo Ann Ragazzo,
Jennifer L. Behrens
160B.06Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Rebecca Rich,
Jane Bahnson
160B.07Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Kristina J. Alayan,
Sarah Powell
160B.08Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
2Sarah C. W. Baker,
Kelly Leong
Small Sections 1 & 6
4.5Taisu Zhang, J.D.M/W/Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 3043Sitelaw.170.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
Small Sections 3 & 4
4.5Christopher H. SchroederM/W/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.170.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
Small sections 2 & 5
4.5Joseph BlocherM,W,Th 11:00-12:20 AMRoom 3037Sitelaw.170.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
Small Sections 3 & 5
4.5James BoyleM,W,Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 3037Sitelaw.180.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
200.02Administrative Law
3Stuart M. BenjaminM/W 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.200.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
202.01Art Law
2Deborah A. DeMottTu 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.202.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
206.01International Arbitration
2Ralf MichaelsTh 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.206.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
207.01Sports and the Law
2Paul H. HaagenTu/Th 1:45-3:05 PMRoom 4042Sitelaw.207.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
210.02Business Associations
4James D. CoxM-Th 8:25-9:20 amRoom 3041Sitelaw.210.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
218.01Comparative Law: Western Legal Traditions
Small Section 1
3Ralf MichaelsM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.218.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
225.01Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
3Judge James C. Dever IIITu/Th 5:15-6:35 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.225.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
226.01Criminal Procedure: Investigation
3Lisa Kern GriffinTu/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.226.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
227.01Use of Force in International Law
2Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)M 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.227.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
232.01Employment Discrimination
3Trina JonesM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.232.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
236.01International Human Rights
3Laurence R. HelferM/W 9:30-10:50 amRoom 3000Sitelaw.236.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
238.02Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
2Kathryn Webb BradleyW 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.238.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
238.03Ethics and the Law of Lawyering
2Kathryn Webb BradleyF 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.238.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
4Donald H. BeskindM,Tu,Th 11:05-12:20 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.245.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
250.01Family Law
3Gregg StraussM/W 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.250.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
252.01Foreign Relations Law
3Curtis A. BradleyTu/Th 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.252.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
255.02Federal Income Taxation
4Richard L. SchmalbeckM,Tu,Th 1:45-3:00 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.255.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
260.01Financial Information
3C. J. SkenderTh 5:00-7:45 pmRoom 3043Sitelaw.260.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
270.02Intellectual Property
4David L. LangeM-Th 8:25-9:20 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.270.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
2Marin K. LevyM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.290.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
295.01Trusts and Estates
3Curtis A. TwiddyM/W 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.295.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
309.01Children and the Law
2Doriane Lambelet ColemanTh 3:15-5:05 PMRoom 4040Sitelaw.309.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
313.01Judicial Decisionmaking
3Margaret LemosTu/Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4042Sitelaw.313.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
315.01Complex Civil Litigation
FAST TRACK course: Class will meet for the first 10 weeks of the semester.
3David W. IchelF 9:00-12:30 pmRoom 4049Sitelaw.315.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
320.01Water Resources Law
2Ryke LongestF 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.320.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
323.01Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization
2Steven L. SchwarczTh 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.323.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
324.401Corporate Restructuring
This class meets in Fuqua Term 2. Term 2 begins March 16 and ends April 24. The class will meet in the Rand Classroom at Fuqua.
3John GrahamTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
324.402Corporate Restructuring
This class meets in Fuqua Term 2. Term 2 begins March 16 and ends April 24. The class will meet in the Rand Classroom at Fuqua.
3TBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
325.01Corporate Finance
3Elisabeth D. de FontenayM/W 11:00-12:20 pm; F 9:00-10:20Room 4047Sitelaw.325.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
326.01Corporate Taxation
3Gregg D. PolskyTu/Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.326.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
328.01International Debt Finance and the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis
2Mitu GulatiW 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.328.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
334.01Civil Rights Litigation
3Darrell A. H. MillerM/W 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4055Sitelaw.334.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
342.02Federal Courts
5Ernest A. YoungM-Th 1:45-2:55 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.342.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
345.01Gender & the Law
3Katharine T. BartlettTu/Th 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.345.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
360.01International Taxation
3Peter A. BarnesM/W 4:50-6:10 pmRoom 4047Sitelaw.360.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
363.01Legislation and Statutory Interpretation
3Mathew D. McCubbinsM/W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.363.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
366.01Advanced Issues in Wrongful Convictions
3Theresa Newman,
James E. Coleman, Jr.
368.01Natural Resources Law and Policy
2Jonas J. MonastM 8:30-10:20 amRoom 4042Sitelaw.368.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
379.01Partnership Taxation
3Gregg D. PolskyTu/Th 9:30-10:50 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.379.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
380.01Research Methods in International, Foreign and Comparative Law
1Kristina J. AlayanTu 3:30-5:00 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.380.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
384.01Securities Regulation
4James D. CoxM-Th 9:30-10:25 AMRoom 3041Sitelaw.384.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
390.01Structuring and Regulating Financial Transactions
3Steven L. SchwarczW 3:15-6:15 pmRoom 3041Sitelaw.390.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
393.01Trademark Law and Unfair Competition
2David L. LangeTu/Th 11:00-11:55 amRoom 4045Sitelaw.393.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
394B.01Past and Future of Capitalist Democracy
3Jedediah PurdyM/W 4:45-6:05 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.394b.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
398.01Juvenile Courts & Delinquency
2Tamar R. BirckheadW 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.398.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
399.01Forensic Psychiatry
2Sally C. Johnson, M.D.W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.399.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
400.02Health Justice Clinic
0Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice,
S. Hannah Demeritt
M 3:15-5:05 PMRoom 3171UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
401.01Advanced Health Justice Clinic
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
402.02HIV / AIDS Policy Clinic
3Carolyn McAllaster,
Allison Rice
UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
416.02Children's Law Clinic
0Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
M 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.416.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
417.02Advanced Children's Law Clinic
3Jane R. Wettach,
Brenda Berlin
UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
420.02Trial Practice
Joint Session occurs for all sections in Room 3037 on Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm.
3Michael DocktermanM 3:15-6:05 pm; Th 7:00-8:00 pmRoom 4049; Room 3037Sitelaw.420.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
420.03Trial Practice
Joint Session occurs for all sections in Room 3037 on Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm.
3William S. MillsTu 3:15-6:05 pm; Th 7:00-8:00 pmRoom 4049; Room 3037Sitelaw.420.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
420.04Trial Practice
All Trial Practice classes will meet jointly in Room 3037 on Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 pm.
3Felice M. CorpeningTu 6:15-9:05 PM; Th 7:00-8:00 PMRoom 4049; Room 3037Sitelaw.420.04.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
420.05Trial Practice
Joint Session occurs for all sections in Room 3037 on Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm.
3Thomas K. MaherW 6:15-9:05 pm; Th 7:00-8:00 pmRoom 4049; Room 3037Sitelaw.420.05.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
420.06Trial Practice
Joint Session occurs for all sections in Room 3037 on Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm.
3Donald H. BeskindW 3:15-6:05 pm; Th 7:00-8:00 pmRoom 4049; Room 3037Sitelaw.420.06.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
421.02Pre-Trial Litigation
2Marilyn R. ForbesW 5:30-7:20 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.421.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
427.02Community Enterprise Law Clinic
4Andrew FosterTh 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.427.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
428.01Advanced Community Enterprise Clinic
2Andrew FosterTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
429.02Civil Justice Clinic
4Charles R. HoltonTh 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.429.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
437.02International Human Rights Clinic
5Jayne HuckerbyTu 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.437.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
441.01Start-Up Ventures Clinic
4Jeff WardTh 1:45-3:05 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.441.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
443.02Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
4Ryke Longest,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
Tu 3:15-5:05 PMRoom 4046Sitelaw.443.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
443A.02Advanced Environmental Law and Policy
0Ryke Longest,
Michelle Benedict Nowlin
448.02Guantanamo Defense Clinic
4Gabriela M. McQuadeTh 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4172UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
448B.02Advanced Guantanamo Defense Clinic
2Gabriela M. McQuadeTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
3Diane DimondW 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.460.05.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
3Diane DimondTu 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.460.06.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
3Neil VidmarM 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.460.07.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
3Rene Stemple EllisTh 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.460.08.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
461.01Health Policy Practicum
3Barak D. RichmanF 9:45-11:35 amRoom 4046Site
465.01Patent Claim Drafting and Foundations of Patent Strategy
1Kenneth D. SibleyTu 6:00-7:50 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.465.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
470.01Poverty Law
2Carol SpruillTu 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.470.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
493.01Wrongful Convictions Clinic
4James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Theresa Newman
Tu 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.493.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
506.01Fraud Investigation
2Jeffrey C. CoyneM 8:30-10:20 amRoom 4000UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
510.01Legal Interviewing & Counseling
2Marilyn R. ForbesTh 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.510.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
512.01Medicine and Law
2Doriane Lambelet ColemanW 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.512.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
515.01Contract Drafting for the Finance Lawyer
2Alexandra K. JohnsonW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.515.02.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
516.01Democracy and the Rule of Law
2Jack Knight,
Mathew D. McCubbins
Th 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 3000UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
517.01Advanced Contracts
2Kimberly D. KrawiecTu 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.517.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
519.02Contract Drafting
2Jeremy MullemTh 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4000Sitelaw.519.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
527.01Access to Medicines: Intellectual Property and Global Public Health
2Jerome H. ReichmanTu 5:45-7:35 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.527.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
528.01Capital Punishment
2Joseph BlocherTu 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.528.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
530.01Entertainment Law
3David L. LangeW 3:15-6:15 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.530.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
532.01Venture Capital Financing
3Kip H. JohnsonTh 4:30-7:30 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.532.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
534.01Advising the Entrepreneurial Client
3Erika J.S. BuellTu/Th 8:00-9:20 amRoom 3000Sitelaw.534.03.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
544.01Advanced Topics in International Trade
NEW Course
2Rachel BrewsterM 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.544.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
548.01Trust and Honesty in Chinese and Western Legal Cultures: A Comparative Perspective
Class will meet Feb. 23rd-28th only.
1Paul H. Haagen,
Gao Xiqing
M-Th 6:30-9:00 pm; Sat 1:00-3:00 pmRoom 4044UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
553.01Empirical Research Methods in Law
2Guangya LiuM/W 1:45-2:40 pmRoom 3171UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
554.01Deceit and Betrayal: Perspectives on Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Obligation
2Deborah A. DeMottM 6:00-7:50 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.544.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
559.01Latin American Business Law
FAST TRACK course. Class will meet the first six weeks of the semester.
1Sebastian KielmanovichW 7:00-9:00 pmRoom 4055Site
567.01Identity, Politics and the Law: Colloquium
2Mitu Gulati,
Guy-Uriel Charles
W 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.567.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
577.01Emerging Issues in Sports & Entertainment
2Kip A. Frey,
Paul H. Haagen
Th 7:40-9:30 PMRoom 4042Sitelaw.577.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
579.01Mass Torts
2Jonathan B. Wiener,
Thomas B. Metzloff
Th 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 3171Sitelaw.579.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
589.01Japanese Law in a Business Context
Class will meet for 6 weeks in February-March 2015. Exact dates to come.
2Colin P. A. JonesTu/Th 10:20-12:20 pmRoom 4040UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
590.01Risk Regulation in the US, Europe and Beyond
2Jonathan B. WienerW 3:15-5:05 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.590.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
596.01Legal Response to Financial Crisis
2Ann LiptonM 3:45-5:35 pmRoom 3037Sitelaw.596.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
599.01The Federal Prosecutor: A View from the Trenches
2Dennis M. Duffy,
Clay C. Wheeler
W 6:00-7:50 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.599.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
611B.02Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)
Continuation from Fall 2014. Same day and time.
0.5Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. USAF (Ret.)Sitelaw.611b.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
0.5Jonathan B. WienerTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
616.01Animal Law and Ethics Readings Seminar
Class will meet every other week for a total of 7 classes.
1Marilyn R. ForbesTBDTBDSitelaw.616.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
617.02Environmental Law Readings Workshop
LLM Environmental Law Certificate Students Only.
0.5UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
625.01Readings in Non-State Law
0Ralf MichaelsTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
632.01LLMLE Practicum
5Kip A. FreyTu 7:15-9:15 pmRoom 4055Sitelaw.632.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
633.01Interrogations and Testimony Seminar
2Lisa Kern GriffinW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.633.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
641.01EXTERNSHIP: Federal Public Defender's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina
4James E. Coleman, Jr.TBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
642.01Defending the Federal Criminal Defendant
1James E. Coleman, Jr.,
Jennifer Dominguez
W 6:00-7:50 pmRoom 4040UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
656.01Strategies in Business Associations / COURSE PLUS
This course meets 7 times during the semester and must be taken concurrently with Business Transactions (LAW 210).
1Robert M. Hart,
James D. Cox
W 3:15-5:15 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.656.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
677.01Duke Law in DC: Rethinking Federal Regulation
4James SalzmanSitelaw.677.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
679.01Duke Law in DC Externship
6Kim BartTBDTBDUnavailableRequires available Sakai site
692.01Juvenile Courts and Delinquency Practicum / COURSE PLUS
1Tamar R. BirckheadW 5:45-6:45 pmRoom 4045UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
707.01Statutory Interpretation Colloquium
2Margaret Lemos,
Guy-Uriel Charles
Th 3:45-5:35 pmNasher-Room 2014Sitelaw.707.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
710.01Derivatives: Financial Markets, Law and Policy
3Lawrence G. BaxterTu/Th 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.710.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
717.01Comparative Constitutional Design
2Jack KnightTu 9:00-10:50 amRoom 3171UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
718.01Collective Decisions and Individual Well-Being: An Introduction to Social Choice Theory
2Matthew AdlerTh 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.718.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
720.01Advanced Copyright: Digital Technologies
2Troy D. DowM 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.720.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
722.01International Business Law
Students may NOT take International Business Transactions (LAW 352) along with this class.
3Rachel BrewsterM/W 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4045Sitelaw.722.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
734.01Evidence in Practice
2Diane Appleton ReevesTh 9:00-10:50 amRoom 4046Sitelaw.734.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
748.01Employment Discrimination: Course Plus
COURSE PLUS. Must be taken in conjunction with Employment Discrimination (LAW 232).
1Trina JonesTh 1:45-2:45 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.748.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
754.01IP Transactions
2Mark H. Webbink,
Kenneth D. Sibley
M 4:45-6:35 pmRoom 4042Sitelaw.754.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
760.01A Practitioner's Guide to Labor Law and Employment
2Daniel S. Bowling III,
Gray McCalley, Jr.
Tu 1:45-4:45 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.760.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
765.01Introduction to Technology in the Law Office
2Wayne Miller,
Jennifer L. Behrens
Th 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.765.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
773.01Research Methods in Business Law
Class will meet from January 14th-March 25th. Attendance for the first class is NECESSARY.
1Laura M. ScottW 11:00-12:20 pmRoom 4046Sitelaw.773.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
774.01Taboo Trades & Forbidden Exchanges
2Kimberly D. KrawiecW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4044Sitelaw.774.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
775.01Corporate Governance and Ethics
1J. Scott MerrellM 5:00-6:50 pmRoom 4045UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
777.01Deal Skills for the Transactional Lawyer
3Terence M. HynesM 3:15-6:00 pmRoom 3000Sitelaw.777.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
779.01Well-Being and the Practice of Law
1Daniel S. Bowling IIIW 3:15-5:15 pmRoom 4055UnavailableRequires available Sakai site
781.01Music's Copyright: A Historical, Incentives-Based, and Aesthetic Analysis of the Law of Music
3Jennifer JenkinsTu/Th 3:15-4:35 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.781.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
787.01Writing: Electronic Discovery
2Rebecca RichM 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.787.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
789.01Writing: Federal Litigation
2Sarah C. W. BakerW 10:30-12:20 pmRoom 4040Sitelaw.789.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu
791.01Judicial Writing
2Joan MagatW 1:45-3:35 pmRoom 4172Sitelaw.791.01.sp15@sakai.duke.edu