2L Job Search Success: Interview with LASER FOCUS

March 17, 2011 • 10:00 AM • Law School 4047
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There is nothing quite like a legal screening interview or a callback for the 2L summer. To succeed in this rather unique world that is 2L legal recruiting, you cannot afford to "learn as you go." We've been there, on all sides. Former lawyers, employers, recruiters, counselors and law firm hiring chief officers, we are ready to share the inside scoop on the 2L summer dance. When interviewers ask those questions, what do they really want to know? How do you prepare, and how do you read between the lines? With all the information online, what are you expected to know, how do you distinguish among seemingly similar employers, and what are intelligent questions you can ask of the interviewers? Remember, interviews may arise as early as this summer, so it's already time to plan ahead! Donuts and coffee will be provided. For more information, contact Emily Sharples at