2L Summer Sucess Series Part III- Confronting the Volcker Rule: Critical Insights for Practice Readiness

April 08, 2014 • 12:15 PM • Law School 3041
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The final Volcker Rule has been out for just over two months, and it has already raised a host of complex challenges for legal employers their clients. Attorneys worldwide are - and will continue to be - combing through the 592-page law to help clients interpret and implement its requirements by the July 2015 deadline, despite the Rule's lack of statutory direction concerning how the five regulatory agencies tasked with its enforcement should coordinate. The Rule's practical application is sure to be a "hot topic" for summer associates in 2014, so come get a one-hour primer on this groundbreaking legislation from two nationally renowned experts before the summer starts! Sponsored by the Career & Professional Development Center, and lunch will be served. For more information, please contact Alan Dickinson at