The Asylum Whirlwind: Where Are We Now?

November 09, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3037

Immigration law has always been subject to varying policies of the executive branch, but between the breakneck substantive and procedural changes in asylum eligibility and access during the last administration to the current regulatory overhaul, it's important to take a pause to unravel the impacts of all these changes. Karen Musalo, the founding director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, will speak on how immigration lawyers responded to these challenges, the impact of the uncertainty for asylees and their families, and the state of the current asylum laws under the Biden administration, including her involvement with the recently-vacated In the Matter of A-B-, which impacted asylum applications based on gender and family-based persecution. Sponsored by DIRP. For more information, please contact Kate Weaver at