CANCELED: Duke vs UNC Debate on the NC Safe Harbor Bill and the Transformational Power of the Rule of Law

March 04, 2014 • 6:00 PM • Law School 3041
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NC ranks among the top ten states where sex trafficking of minors occur. The landmark Senate Bill 683 changes the status of minors involved in prostitution from criminals to victims of crime, but is not without controversy. NCCASA, LexisNexis, UNC School of Law and the Human Rights Law Society at Duke Law are jointly sponsoring a debate about the transformational power of the rule of law in the context of NC Senate Bill 683. Judges for the debate are likely NC Senators, drafter(s) of the bill, and/or sitting/retired judges. Join us if you are interested in watching the debate between Duke and UNC law students, or are interested in learning about human trafficking. If you would like to participate in this debate, or want more information, please contact Yvonne Wang and Joline Doedens at