CANCELED - Supreme Court Moot: Ramirez v. Collier

October 25, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3041

This event is for the Duke Law School Community only. "Supreme Court Moot: Ramirez v. Collier" Duke Law faculty will moot Texas Solicitor General Judd Stone in preparation for his oral argument for the respondent in the capital case Ramirez v. Collier. This section 1983 case will address whether the State's decision allowing the presence of Ramirez's pastor in the execution chamber, but forbidding the pastor from touching Ramirez or audibly praying, substantially burdens religious exercise, so as to require the State to justify the deprivation as the least restrictive means of advancing a compelling governmental interest. Sponsored by Program in Public Law. For more information, please contact Marin Levy at