Domestic Violence Pro Bono Kick-Off & Information Session

September 25, 2020 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

Welcome to Duke Law's domestic violence pro bono project, housed within the Coalition Against Gendered Violence! We're so excited to officially kick-off this project, though our work has already begun. Join us for a high-level overview of DV law in North Carolina and beyond, what the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) has been up to, and our plans for the year. If this work interests you, you want to learn more, or you have any other ideas, grab your lunch (or coffee) and hop on Zoom to hear from us and Sherry Honeycutt Everett from NCCADV on Friday, September 25th at 12:30pm EST here: We so badly wish we could serve you Enzo's pizza or endless arepas, but we hope you'll join us anyway. Sponsored by Coalition Against Gendered Violence. Reach out to Emmy Wydman with questions at