Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law Symposium: Terrorism and Changes to the Laws of War

January 22, 2010 • All Day • Law School 3037

Since Sept. 11, some of the most visible and challenging threats to international security have come from non-state actors. How can international humanitarian law respond, given that the Geneva Conventions and related documents were written from the post-World War II perspective of state-versus-state warfare? This symposium will address current and future developments regarding the detention and trial of persons suspected of terror related activity; targeting suspected militants and non-state actors and the use of force; and comparative trends in related legal developments. Presenters include professors from Free University Amsterdam, Tel Aviv University, Columbia University, and the University of Texas; a former U.S. Army Judge Advocate General colonel; and a former Clinton Administration State Department official and U.S. negotiator in the International Criminal Court summits in Rome, Italy. For more information, contact Andrew Crawford at andrew.crawford@duke.edu.