Environmental Law in the Trump Administration

November 29, 2016 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3037

What will the Trump administration mean for environmental law? How will this affect our international climate change commitments? What is the fate of regulations like the Clean Power Plan? What are the backstops and contingency plans? On a more personal level, how might the change in administration impact students' career goals? Join faculty members Michelle Nowlin, Ryke Longest, Jonathan Wiener, Matt Adler, and Steve Roady for a cross-cutting panel talk and Q&A session where we ask these questions, using environmental law as a lens to examine larger questions of international law, administrative law, government employment in new administrations, and the roll of nonprofits in deregulatory regimes. Sponsored by ELS, Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, and DBA. For more information, please contact Zachary Hennesee at