The Global Governance of Sex in Sport: Gaps and Overlaps in the Law

November 03, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3043

Join us for a talk with Michele Krech, JSD Candidate at NYU Law, on the global governance of sex and gender in sport. As competitive sport spans the globe, so too do the gender ideologies that it conveys - particularly through rules governing eligibility for women's competition. This talk will offer an overview of the various legal and regulatory regimes that have something to say about who should be allowed to participate in women's sport. By illustrating the interaction - and lack thereof - between private sporting rules and human rights law, this talk will highlight gaps in accountability that constrain possibilities for justice. This discussion is part of the Series on the Regulation of Gender and Sport. Sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild and OutLaw. Register here: For more information or a zoom option, please contact Claudia Benz at