Jedediah Purdy and Mark Greif: Writing and Politics

March 23, 2015 • 7:00 PM • See description

Please join professor Jedediah Purdy for a discussion with Mark Greif at The Regulator Bookshop (720 9th St.). Greif is a founder of n+1 magazine, which New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell has called "the rightful heir to the New York Review of Books and Partisan Review." Greif is also the author of the new book The Age of the Crisis of Man, which the NY Times Book Review has called "brilliant" and "exasperating." He has written several classic essays in cultural criticism, including "What Was the Hipster?" "Against Exercise," and "Afternoon of the Sex Children." Jedediah Purdy has contributed to n+1 and is the author of several books on American culture and politics. Purdy will interview Greif about the past and future of politically and culturally engaged writing, the role of insurgent "little magazines" like n+1, and, basically, Why Write, and for Whom? A public discussion will follow. Sponsored by Professor Purdy. For more information, please contact