Lessons Learned: The Bush Administration and International Law

November 19, 2008 • 12:15 PM • Law School 3041

Professor Curtis Bradley will discuss lessons learned from the Bush Administration's treatment of international law, on issues such as the establishment of the International Criminal Court, the treatment of terrorist suspects at Guantanamo, and the war in Iraq. The Bush Administration is often portrayed as not taking international law seriously and routinely disregarding it whenever it is perceived to be inconsistent with (short term) U.S. interests. Bradley will explain how this portrayal is both too simplistic and in some ways untrue. Critics are right that the Administration's approach to international law has been problematic, but this has not been because the Administration has disregarded international law, but rather because it has sometimes focused too much on law to the exclusion of other, pragmatic considerations. Lunch provided. Sponsored by the Program in Public Law. For more information, contact Dana Norvell at norvell@law.duke.edu.