Lobbying, Markets, and Public Policy Participants

March 08, 2019 • 8:00 AM • Law School 3000

The interface between business and government is growing in importance as an increasing number legislative and regulatory proposals seek to affect the contours of markets, innovation, and competition. One of the main mechanisms that firms, unions, and other interest groups use to influence public policy is lobbying. This conference examines recent advances in research to understand how political influence is exerted by these groups, the mechanisms by which it creates and alters public policy, and how these public policy outcomes affect markets. This will precede a sister conference on related topics in lobbying to be held at Princeton University in early May 2019. Sponsored by the Center for Institutional & Organizational Performance and The Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative. This is a closed event. For more information please visit https://law.duke.edu/ciop/conferences/2019/DukeLobbying/ or contact Marlyn Dail at marlyn.dail@law.duke.edu.