Looking Deeper: What Darfur Tells Us about Genocide, International Criminal Law and the Future of a Country

March 27, 2009 • 9:00 AM • Law School 3037
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Conference exploring aspects of the Darfur crisis that have often gone unexamined. What does the International Criminal Court's treatment of the Darfur situation - particularly now in light of the arrest warrant for the sitting Sudanese president - tell us about the future international criminal law? On multiple occasions U.S. governmental officials have referred to Darfur as a genocide but did not view such a determination as requiring legal action. What does this mean for the doctrine of the responsibility to protect? Finally, following the negotiation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the North and South in Sudan, the country will have parliamentary and presidential elections in 2009, to be followed by a referendum in 2011. What can Darfur tell us about the future of the country? And what principles should guide U.S. foreign policy in these tumultuous times? Sponsored by SOLIMENA.