The Myth of Carbon Offsets

November 18, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

Carbon offsets are becoming increasingly popular and cited in many corporate sustainability plans as a key mechanism to "go green." Yet, this markets-based approach is severely limited in its ability to reduce global CO2 emissions. What are offsets and how are they hurting our progress towards a net neutral economy by 2050? What policies might we enact instead? Just after the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the Duke Global Financial Markets Center and the Regenerative Crisis Response Committee will bring together financial regulatory and climate policy experts to examine carbon offsetting schemes. An expert panel consisting of Duke Law faculty members Lawrence Baxter and Lee Reiners, as well as Barbara Haya from the University of California, Berkeley) and moderated by Jennifer Silvi (RCRC Secretariat), will discuss why this approach is flawed, and what alternative policy solutions could be championed instead. Please register here: For more information please reach out to Amanda Gonzalez at