No New Gas Community Forum: Exploring Climate Solutions

November 03, 2016 • 7:00 PM • Law School 3043

Duke University and Duke Energy have proposed to build a new natural gas power plant on Duke University's campus. This plant is the first in a series of natural gas projects planned by Duke Energy, many of which are specifically targeted at college campuses. Hundreds of students, alumni, faculty, and community members have voiced opposition to this proposal and have called on the administration and President Brodhead to end this proposed plant and act as true climate leaders by supporting innovative and ambitious clean energy solutions. This event, open to all members of the Duke and broader North Carolina community, will feature students, faculty, and advocacy groups in a town hall discussion about concerns over this natural gas expansion and renewable energy alternatives to the proposed fossil fuel facility. Sponsored by Professor Ryke Longest and the Duke Climate Coalition. For more information, please contact Duke Climate Coalition at