OCI Prep: Navigating Firm Recruiting as a GPI-focused Student

May 06, 2019 • 11:00 AM • Law School 4047
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This session is for students who will pursue firm employers for 2L summer, including through OCI Segment I at the end of July, but who were previously interested in GPI work and/or have plans to transition to public interest work after a few years of practice. Join Ashley Walker (a career counselor who works primarily with private sector students) and Bethan Eynon (a career counselor who works primarily with GPI students) as we work through tailoring your GPI narrative for interviews with private law firms. A panel of upper-level students working at firms will share how they explained why they are interested in private practice, how they modified their narratives for firm interviews, how they framed their public interest experiences and pro bono for firm interviewers, and how they navigated questions about interest in pro bono work and long-term career goals. Then, practice adjusting your own narrative and receive feedback. Sponsored by the Career and Professional Development Center. Contact Bethan Eynon ( with questions. Pizza will be served after this session and prior to the subsequent "OCI Prep: Logistics and Resource Overview" session at 12:30 pm.