Prioritarianism in Practice Research Network

October 06, 2017 • 8:00 AM • Law School 3000
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While utilitarians seek to maximize the sum total of individual well-being, "prioritarians" give extra weight to the well-being of those who are worse off. The "Prioritarianism in Practice" research network aims to develop the theory and application of prioritarianism, to the point that it can function as a full-blown policy assessment tool. The PiP network is organized around a series of research projects, each headed by one or more leading experts. The network is directed by Matthew Adler ( and Ole Norheim ( The research projects are: Theory of Prioritarianism, The Measurement of Social Progress, Optimal Taxation, Health Care, Environmental, Health and Safety Regulation, Climate Change, Education Policy, Empirical Research into Ethical Preferences, and Equality of Opportunity. This first workshop of the PiP network is sponsored by the Center for Law, Economics, and Public Policy at Duke Law. For more information, please contact Victoria Zellefrow and Carol Abken at