A Retrospective and Prospective Look at US Innovation

June 09, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law presents Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) from 2017-2021, in the next installment of its 2021 seminar series, "Conversations on Innovation: New Thinking and New Approaches." During his tenure at OSTP, Dr. Droegemeier managed and coordinated several key strategic national initiatives aimed at ensuring American leadership in fields such as AI, quantum information, and S&T workforce development. Moderated by Dr. Denis Simon, Executive Director of the Center, the program will focus on the U.S.A.'s evolving competitive position in science and technology, including ways the country can remain a leader in fields that will shape the economy and society in the future. Sponsored by The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law. For additional information, please contact Balfour Smith at Registration required:

As Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) at the White House from 2017–2021, Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier presided over an intensive effort across the entire US government “to advance America’s global leadership in the industries of the future.” OSTP provided leadership and guidance in a number of critical science and technology areas, including: establishing American leadership in artificial intelligence; pushing ahead on a national quantum information initiative; launching a national strategic plan on advanced manufacturing; coordinating a national effort on health security and innovation; enhancing American security through a national strategy on critical and emerging technologies; and, a strategy for developing the S&T workforce of the future. During Dr. Droegemeier’s time at OSTP, particular focus went towards maintaining the integrity of the American research enterprise, identifying threats to the US R&D system, and developing strategies for minimizing such threats.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy was established by the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976 to provide the President and others within the Executive Office of the President with advice on the scientific, engineering, and technological aspects of the economy, national security, homeland security, health, foreign relations, the environment, and the technological recovery and use of resources, among other topics. OSTP leads interagency science and technology policy coordination efforts, assists the Office of Management and Budget with an annual review and analysis of federal research and development budgets, and serves as a source of scientific and technological analysis and judgment for the President with respect to major policies, plans, and programs of the federal government.


  • Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier


  • Dr. Denis Simon