Twiggs-Beskind Cup Final Round

March 07, 2019 • 7:45 PM • Law School 4049
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Please join the Mock Trial Board for the final round of the Twiggs-Beskind Cup Tournament. Judge James C. Dever (E.D.N.C.) will preside in State v. Taylor, a criminal murder case set in Texas involving the death of a judge with a lawyer as the defendant. The State of Lone Star will be represented by Prosecuting Attorneys Aaron Sanders and James Lavery, with Turner Collins as Investigator Chris Jensen and Maryam Kanna as Dr. Alex Slabin. The defense will be represented by Defense Attorneys Eric Roytman and Zeke Starr, with Christopher Meadows as defendant Kelly Taylor and Matthew Schwartz as Dr. Dusty Stockard. After the round, appetizers from De Novo will be served. Overflow seating available in Room 4047. Sponsored by the Duke Law Mock Trial Board. For more information, please contact Michael Wajda at