Unequal Justice: The Death Penalty in North Carolina

January 17, 2019 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3037
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The death penalty has fallen out of use in North Carolina, yet our state has the sixth largest death row in the nation. The vast majority of N.C.'s 140 death row prisoners were tried in the 1990s, before a wave of reforms transformed the criminal justice system. Had they been tried under modern laws and standards, most of them never would have been sentenced to death. The Center for Death Penalty Litigation's new report, Unequal Justice: How Obsolete Laws and Unfair Trials Created North Carolina's Outsized Death Row, explores the deep inequities of N.C.'s decades-old death row cases. CDPL's Executive Director Gretchen Engel and Staff Attorney Erica Washington will be joining us for a discussion of the report. Sponsored by the Duke Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility, the Duke Criminal Law Society, and the Duke Law Innocence Project. For more information, please contact Callie Thomas at