Unfinished Business: Banking in the Shadows

February 28, 2017 • 12:30 PM • Law School 4047

Eight years have passed since the "Great Financial Crisis." The efforts of legislators and regulators have significantly helped protect the safety and soundness of our large banks. Yet the system remains vulnerable. Highly leveraged and interconnected financial firms continue to rely on panic-prone funding structures, posing a clear risk of contagious "runs." Today, it is not the heavily regulated commercial banks that are the main source of concern. Rather, it is the lightly regulated non-bank financial institutions that are deeply reliant on uninsured short-term debt that pose significant risk. Please join us as we hear from the Volcker Alliance's Michael Bradfield, Gaurav Vasisht, and former UNC President, Tom Ross, who will discuss the Alliance's recent report ( that identifies areas of vulnerability, and options to enhance the stability of the financial system. Food and refreshments will be served. Sponsored by Global Financial Markets Center. For more information, please contact Lee Reiners at