WEBINAR: What is EDRM at Duke Law?

April 04, 2017 • 2:00 PM • See description
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EDRM, a leading standards organization for e-discovery, is now part of the Duke Law School's Center for Judicial Studies. What does this new partnership mean for EDRM and for Duke Law? Where is e-discovery headed in 2017, and how will EDRM maintain and amplify its leadership as a resource for insight and educational tools in e-discovery? Join us for this webinar to meet the new EDRM team at Duke Law School and hear from Jim Waldron, director, and George Socha, co-founder, on the future of EDRM at Duke, new priority projects, and e-discovery predictions for 2017. To register, visit or visit the EDRM webinar channel on BrightTalk: The webinar will be available for viewing after broadcast on the EDRM BrightTalk channel and the EDRM website. Sponsored by the Center for Judicial Studies. For more information, please contact