Stuart Minor Benjamin
Duke University

James B. Speta
Northwestern University School of Law

Telecommunications Law and Policy engages in advanced analysis of the key administrative, constitutional, and economic issues that arise in the various telecommunications settings. The fourth edition has been revised to reflect the increasing importance of broadband and its regulation. The book contains discussions and excerpts from legal materials to help readers understand current controversies, regulatory strategies, and the historical developments that led to them. The authors have streamlined much of the older material, to present key materials concisely and effectively. Summaries and previews at the start of each set of readings help students know what to read for, and questions at the end of each set encourage students to think critically about those materials. The organization easily permits the selection of material for courses focused only on particular industries or only on particular types of regulation.

A teacher's manual is available, and supplements are published annually.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2016