• Criminal Liability, in Research Handbook on Corporate Liability (M. Petrin and C. Witting, eds., forthcoming)

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  • The Mirage of Individual Liability as the Answer to Corporate Fraud ()


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  • The Second Circuit Was Wrong in Reversing Ex-Deutsche Bank Traders’ Libor ConvictionsCLS Blue Sky Blog ()
  • Trump’s Mueller Interview Endgame, Slate () (with Lisa Kern Griffin )
  • Insider Trading Money Shouldn't Be 'Finders, Keepers', Hill ()
  • Prosecuting Wells Fargo Executives Won't Solve Anything, Slate ()
  • What's In a Word, Your Honor? Defining Fraud is as Tricky as Prosecuting It., Duke Magazine ()
  • It's Easy to Hate White Collar Criminals, But It's Surprisingly Hard to Sentence Them, Quartz ()
  • Insider Trading Law in Deeper Waters, CLS Blue Sky Blog ()
  • For Deferred Prosecution to Work, Government's Threat Must Be Credible, New York Times ()
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