James D. Cox


  • Delaware's Retreat: Exploring Developing Fissures and Tectonic Shifts in Delaware Corporate Law, 42 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (forthcoming) (with Randall S. Thomas)

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  • Corporation Law (American Bar Association, 2012) (with Thomas Lee Hazen)
  • Corporations and Other Business Organizations (Foundation Press, 10th ed. 2011) (with Melvin R. Eisenberg)
  • Cox & Hazen on Corporations: Including Unincorporated Forms of Doing Business (Aspen Publishers, 2d ed. 2003, 3d ed. 2010) (with Thomas Lee Hazen)
  • The Law of Corporations (West/Thomson Reuters, 3d ed. 2010)  (Practitioner Series) (with Thomas Lee Hazen)
  • Corporations Quick Review (1995, 2d ed. 1998, 3d ed. 2000, 4th ed. 2004) (Sum & Substance Quick Review)
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  • Sum and Substance of Corporations (2d ed. 1975, 3d ed. 1980, 4th ed. 1984, 5th ed. 1988)
  • Essential Principles of Corporations (1982)
  • Financial Information, Accounting, and the Law: Cases and Materials (Little Brown, 1980)

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  • The Criminalization of Insider Trading, Duke Law Magazine (January 01, 1988, at 4)