• The Platform as Agent, in Intermediaries in Commercial Law (Paul S. Davies & Tan Cheng-Han, eds., forthcoming)
  • Rogue Brokers and the Limits of Agency Law, in Cambridge Handbook of Investor Protection (Arthur B. Laby, ed., forthcoming)


Articles & Essays

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • The Skeptical Principal, Concurring Opinions () (Symposium on The Essays of Warren Buffett)
  • The Biggest Deal Ever, Duke Law Magazine (, at 12)
  • Assessing Investors' Long Term Commitment, 1989 Legal Times (, at 27)
  • Five Key Issues in Takeover Regulation, Duke Law Magazine (, at 4)
  • A Comment on Mandatory Buyouts, Duke Law Magazine (, at 4)
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Deborah A. DeMott

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