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Articles & Essays

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Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Bruen and Constitutional Gnosticism, Balkinization ()
  • Facts Still Matter, Even Before This Supreme Court, Newsweek () (with others)
  • State Gun Regulations Are a Messy Patchwork. The Supreme Court’s Bruen Decision Won’t Help, The Hill () (with others)
  • A Supreme Court Head-Scratcher: Is a Colonial Musket ‘Analogous’ to an AR-15?, New York Times () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • The Next Front in the Fight Over Guns, Washington Post ()
  • Montgomery Facing Litigation for Renaming Street After Civil Rights Leader, SLoG ()
  • Conservatives Sound Like Anti-racists — When the Cause Is Gun Rights, Washington Post ()
  • The Reconstruction Amendments’ Canonical Texts, Balkinization ()
  • SCOTUS Taking up 2nd Amendment Case Could Mean Cuts to Broad Swaths of Gun Regulation, TPM Cafe () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • “Lineal Descendant” Analysis in Second Amendment Litigation, Harvard Law Review Blog ()
  • How to Safeguard Progressive Legislation Against the Supreme Court: Poison Pills, Washington Post () (with Aziz Huq)
  • Gun Laws Were Meant to Ban Private Militants. Now, Our Hands are Tied., Washington Post ()
  • A Simplistic Interpretation of "Defund the Police" May Embolden Vigilantes, Newsday ()
  • What Firearms Law and Regulatory Scholarship Can Learn from Each Other, The Regulatory Review () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • Guard These True Monuments to Martin Luther King Jr., Newsday ()
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