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  • On Cognitive Liberty ()


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  • Part-revived Pig Brains Raise Slew of Ethical Quandaries, 568 Nature () (with others)
  • Can You Legally Consent to a Head Transplant?, Washington Post ()
  • 3 Reasons Brain Science is Terrific and Terrifying, World Economic Forum ()
  • Colleges Should Allow Students to Take Smart Drugs, Washington Post ()
  • Jurors Award $2.25M in "Devious Defecator" Case, Washington Post ()
  • Test for "Devious Defecator" was Unlawful, Judge Rules , Washington Post ()
  • Zapping the Brain, Washington Post ()
  • New Year's Resolutions, Conservatism & Porn, Washington Post ()
  • On 'Being a Dirty Old Man' and a Federal Judge, Washington Post ()
  • Reining in FDA Regulation of Mobile Health Apps, Washington Post ()
  • FDA Considers Controversial Fertility Procedure. What's at Stake?, Washington Post ()
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