Michael D. Frakes


Works in Progress

  • Defensive Medicine: Evidence from Military Immunity (January 01, 2017) (with Jonathan Gruber & Tracey Koehlmoos)
  • Procrastination in the Workplace: Evidence from the U.S. Patent Office (December 20, 2016)
  • Civil Rights Legislation and Racial Disparities in Health Care (July 27, 2016) (with others)
  • Racial Disparities in Health Care: Geographic Causes and the Impact of Geographical Standardization in Malpractice Standard of Care Rules (July 27, 2016) (with Anupam B. Jena)
  • The Effects of Medical Liability Immunities: Evidence from the Military Health System (July 27, 2016) (with Jonathan Gruber)
  • The Impact of National Medical Liability Standards on Local Access to Physician Services (June 01, 2016) (with others)

Articles and Essays