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  • Sure, Trump Can Buy Greenland. But Why Does He Think It’s up to Denmark?, Politico Magazine () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • If Countries Won’t Take Refugees for Moral Reasons, Let’s Give Them Financial Incentives, Quartz () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • The Last Days of Stock Exchange Listings for Sovereign Bonds?, FinReg Blog () (with others)
  • Guest Post: Ukraine and Russia-You Break It, You Bought It, () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • The Content of One's Racial Character, Huffington Post () (with Devon Carbado)
  • Walking Back From Cyprus () (with Lee C. Buchheit)
  • Echoes of Subprime Ring Out Across Greek Debt Crisis, Financial Times () (with Eric Posner)
  • Do Women Make Better Judges? Asked and Answered - with () (with others)
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Mitu Gulati

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