Sebastian Kielmanovich
Senior Lecturing Fellow

Sebastian Kielmanovich teaches Latin American Business Law and Spanish for Legal Studies. He received a J.D. from the University of Buenos Aires School of Law in 1999, and a J.D. from Duke University School of Law in 2004.

Before coming to Duke, he was a practicing attorney in Argentina, specializing in corporate law, intellectual property and contracts, and an assistant professor of business associations in the University of Buenos Aires. In addition, Kielmanovich worked with the city attorney and clerked for a trial judge.

In the United States, he participated in the Summer Honors Program at the Securities & Exchange Commission in Miami, Florida. He also worked as staff attorney for Legal Aid of North Carolina, and as corporate counsel for a major software corporation in McLean, Virginia. Kielmanovich served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Fifth and Tenth Judicial Districts of North Carolina where he was assigned to prosecute habitual felons, drug traffickers and violent offenders. Additionally, Kielmanovich was an Assistant Attorney General with the North Carolina Department of Justice where he served as a special prosecutor and provided legal representation to the Department of Public Safety. Kielmanovich is currently an Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina and a First Lieutenant with the U.S. Army Reserve Judge Advocate General's Corps.

Kielmanovich was a special staff editor and events coordinator on the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law. He is the author of "Reflections", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2007), "History of the Law", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2007), "The New Driving While Impaired Statute in North Carolina", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2007), "Willful Blindness", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2006), "A Familiar Story", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2006), "Gangs in North Carolina", La Prensa de las Carolinas (2006), "Statutory Rape in North Carolina", Amigos Magazine (2005), "Driving While Impaired in North Carolina", Amigos Magazine (2005), "The Future of Napster", Dr. & Mr. Magazine (2000), "Liability for Publication of Information on the Internet", Ecomder (2000), "A Legal Conflict to Solve", Dr. & Mr. Magazine (2000), and "Physician’s Liability", Revista Universitaria La Ley (1999).

Kielmanovich is a member of the Bar in North Carolina (2004), New York (2005), and the District of Columbia (2008). His native language is Spanish, and he is fluent in English and proficient in Portuguese.

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