• Five Questions, in Five Questions on Pragmatism (James Johnson, forthcoming)


Articles & Essays

  • Book Review: Pragmatist Egalitarianism, 47 Political Theory 733-738 () (reviewing David Rondel, Pragmatist Egalitarianism (2018))
  • Efficacious Judging on Apex Courts, in Comparative Judicial Review 272-289 (Erin F. Delaney and Rosalind Dixon, eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • Talking Judges, 67 Duke Law Journal Online () (with Mitu Gulati)
  • Strategic Accounts of Judging, in Routledge Handbook of Judicial Behavior 48-61 (Robert M. Howard & Kirk A. Randazzo, eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • The Economic Analysis of Judicial Behavior, in Oxford Handbook of Judicial Behavior (Lee Epstein & Stefanie A. Lindquist eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • How Bayesian are Judges?, 16 Nevada Law Journal 1061-1084 () (with others)
  • Roundtable on Epistemic Democracy and Its Critics, 28 Critical Review 137-170 () (with others)
  • On Attempts to Gerrymander "Positive" and "Normative" Political Theory: Six Theses, 24 Good Society 30-48 () (with James Johnson)
  • Some Ideas on How Political Scientists Can Develop Real-World Implications from Their Research (Without Becoming Policy Wonks or Law Professors), in Making Law and Courts Research Relevant: The Normative Implications of Empirical Research 14-26 (Brandon L. Bartles & Chris W. Bonneau eds., ) (with others)
  • Positive Models and Normative Theory, 8 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 190-196 ()
  • Justice and Fairness, 1 Annual Review of Political Science 425-449 ()
  • Legitimacy, in Encyclopedia of Political Thought 2079-2090 (Michael T. Gibbons, ) (with Samuel Bagg)
  • The Imperative of Non-Ideal Theory, 12 Political Studies Review 361-368 () (reviewing Elizabeth Anderson, The Imperative of Integration (2010))
  • In the Absence of Scrutiny: Narratives of Probable Cause () (with others)
  • Reconsidering Judicial Preferences, 16 Annual Review of Political Science 11-31 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • Talking Judges, 2010 The Legal Workshop - Duke Law Journal () (with Mitu Gulati)
  • Are Empiricists Asking the Right Questions about Judicial Decisionmaking?, 58 Duke Law Journal 1531-1556 ()
  • Causal Mechanisms and Generalizations, in Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Philosophical Theory and Scientific Practice (Chris Mantzavinos, )
  • Institutionalizing Toleration, in Toleration on Trial (Russell Hardin et al. eds., )
  • On the Priority of Democracy: A Pragmatist Approach to Political-Economic Institutions and the Burden of Justification, American Political Science Review (February ) (with Jim Johnson)
  • Evaluacion de los Limites de la Democracia Radical, 14 Gestion y Politicia Publica 497-526 () (with James Johnson)
  • Building a Bridge from Both Sides of the River: Law and Society and Rational Choice, 38 Law and Society Review 207-212 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • Constitutional Interpretation From a Strategic Perspective, in Making Policy, Making Law: An Inter-Branch Perspective (Mark C. Miller & Jeb Barnes eds., ) (with others)
  • Courts and Judges, in Blackwell Companion to Law and Society (Austin Sarat ed., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • Institutionalizing Constitutional Democracy: A Strategic Analysis of the Role of the Courts, in Politics From Anarchy to Democracy (Irwin Morris et al. eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • Constitutional Borrowing and Nonborrowing, 1 I-CON, International Journal of Constitutional Law 196-223 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • The Mutual Engagement of Political Theory and Empirical Research, in Political Knowledge and Public Interest (Edward J. Mansfield & Richard Sisson eds., )
  • The Norm of Prior Judicial Experience (and its Consequences for the U.S. Supreme Court), 91 California Law Review 903-966 () (with others)
  • The Political (Science) Context of Judging, 47 St. Louis University Law Journal 783-817 () (with others)
  • Trust, Institutions and Institutional Evolution: Industrial Districts and the Social Capital Hypothesis, 31 Politics & Society () (with Henry Farrell)
  • Selecting Selections Systems, in Judicial Independence at the Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Approach 191-226 (Stephen B. Burbank & Barry Friedman eds., ) (with others)
  • The Strategic John Marshall (and Thomas Jefferson), in Marbury v. Madison: Document and Commentary (Mark Graber & Michael Perhac eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • Walter Murphy, in The Pioneers of Judicial Behavior (Nancy Maveety ed., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • A Pragmatist Approach to the Proper Scope of Government, 157 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 28-48 ()
  • Comparing Judicial Selection Systems, 10 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 7-36 () (with others)
  • Explaining the Rise of Neoliberalism: The Mechanisms of Institutional Change, in The Rise of Neoliberalism and Institutional Analysis 27-50 (John L. Campbell and Ove K. Pedersen, )
  • Fostering Trust in a Socially-Diverse Society: Social Norms and the Rule of Law, in Trust in Society 354-373 (Karen Cook ed., )
  • Institutionalizing Constitutional Interpretation, in Constitutional Cultural and Democratic Rule (John Ferejohn et al. eds., )
  • Piercing the Veil: Justice William J. Brennan's Account of Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 19 Yale Law and Policy Review 341-379 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • The Role of Constitutional Courts in the Establishment and Maintainence of Democratic Systems of Government, 35 Law and Society Review 117-164 () (with others)
  • The Supreme Court as a Strategic National Policymaker, 50 Emory Law Review 583-611 () (with others)
  • Constitutionalism and Deliberate Democracy, in Deliberative Politics: Essays on Democracy and Disagreement 159-169 (Stephen Macedo ed. , )
  • Distribution Fights, Coordination Games and Lobster Management, 42 Comparative Studies in Society and History 209-238 () (with James Acheson)
  • Suboptimality and Social Institutions: The Relationship Between Cognition and Context, in Cognition, Rationality and Institutions 11-26 (Manfred E. Streit et al. eds., )
  • Towards a Strategic Revolution in Judicial Politics: A Look Back, A Look Ahead, 53 Political Research Quarterly 625-663 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • Inquiry Into Democracy, 43 American Journal of Political Science 566-589 () (with James Johnson)
  • Book Review, 2 Law & Politics Book Review 103-106 () (reviewing Cass R. Sunstein, Free Markets and Social Justice (1997))
  • Conflict Over Changing Social Norms, in The New Institutionalism in Economic Sociology 105-126 (Victor Nee & Mary Brinton eds., ) (with Jean Ensminger)
  • Mapping Out the Strategic Terrain: The Informational Role of Amici Curiae, in Institutional Approaches to Supreme Court Decision-Making (Cornell W. Clayton & Howard Gilman eds., ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • The Bases of Cooperation: Social Norms and the Rule of Law, 154 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 754-763 ()
  • Book Reviews, 91 American Political Science Review 711-712 () (reviewing Lee J. Alston, Empirical Studies in Institutional Change (1996), Preferences, Institutions, and Rational Choice (Keith Dowding & Desmond King eds., 1995), & The Theory of Insitutional Design (Robert E. Goodin ed., 1996))
  • Changing Social Norms, 38 Current Anthropology 1-24 () (with Jean Ensminger)
  • Explaining Economic Change: The Interplay Between Institutions and Cognition, 3 Legal Theory 211-226 () (with Douglass C. North)
  • Explaining the Complexity of Institutional Change, in The Political Economy of Property Rights 349-354 (David L. Weimer ed., ) (with Douglass C. North)
  • Social Institutions and Human Cognition: Thinking About Old Questions in New Ways, 153 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 692-699 ()
  • What Sort of Equality Does Democratic Deliberation Require?, in Deliberative Democracy 279-320 (James Bohman & William Rehg eds., ) (with James Johnson)
  • The Norm of Stare Decisis, 40 American Journal of Political Science 1018-1035 (November ) (with Lee Epstein)
  • On the Struggle for Judicial Sepremacy, 30 Law & Society Review 87-120 () (with Lee Epstein)
  • The Political Consequences of Pragmatism, 24 Political Theory 68-96 (February ) (with James Johnson)
  • Models, Interpretations and Theories: Constructing Explanations of Institutional Emergence and Change, in Explaining Social Institutions (Jack Knight & Itai Sened eds., )
  • Aggregation and Deliberation: On the Possibility of Democratic Legitimacy, 22 Political Theory 277-296 (May ) (republished in, Deliberative Democracy & Political Development (Yu Keing ed., 2009)) (Chinese Translation) (with James Johnson)
  • Public Choice and the Rule of Law: Rational Choice Theories of Statutory Interpretation, in Nomos: The Rule of Law 244-264 (Ian Shapiro ed., ) (with James Johnson)
  • Book Review: Polticial Theory, 87 American Political Science Review 776-777 () (reviewing Todd Sandler, Collective Action: Theory and Applications (1992))
  • Public Goods, in The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World (Joel Krieger ed., )
  • Book Review, 2 Law & Politics Book Review 62-65 () (reviewing Frank H. Easterbrook & Daniel R. Fischel, The Economic Structure of Corporate Law (1991))
  • Book Review: American Politics, 86 American Political Science Review 1063-1064 () (reviewing Social Norms and Economic Institutions (Kenneth J. Koford & Jeffrey B. Miller eds., 1991))
  • Book Review, 95 Ethics 393 () (reviewing Susan Heckman, Weber, the Ideal Type and Contemporary Social Theory (1983))
  • Book Review, 95 Ethics 390 () (reviewing Bertrand Badie & Pierre Birnbaum, The Sociology of the State (1983))
  • Book Review, 95 Ethics 756-757 () (reviewing Anthony T. Kronman, Max Weber (1983))
  • Book Review, 94 Ethics 556 () (reviewing Gordon Marshall, In Search of the Spirit of Capitalism (1982))
  • Book Review, 94 Ethics 564 () (reviewing Ralph Miliband,Capitalist Democracy in Britain (1982))
  • Book Review, 94 Ethics 163 () (reviewing David Harvey, The Limiits of Capital (1982))
  • Book Review, 93 Ethics 632 () (reviewing Robert Sugden, The Political Economy of Public Choice: An Introduction to Welfare Economics (1981))
  • Book Review, 93 Ethics 648 () (reviewing Keith Rosenn, Law and Inflation (1982))

Issues Edited

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Comments on Gutmann and Thompson, Democracy and Disagreement, The Good Society ()
  • The New Institutionalism, Part II, Law & Courts Newsletter () (with Lee Epstein)
  • Book Review, 5 Law & Politics Book Review () (reviewing Douglas G. Baird et al., Game Theory and the Law (1994))
  • Comments on Segal and Spaeth, The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model, Law & Courts Newsletter ()
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