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  • Inequitable Distribution of Plastic Benefits and Burdens on Economies and Public Health , 9 Frontiers in Marine Science, fmars.2022.1017247, 1-11 (2023) (with others)
  • A Framework for Inland Cities to Prevent Marine Debris: A Case Study From Durham, North Carolina , 9 Frontiers in Marine Science, article fmars.2022.983256, 1-7 (2022) (with Michelle B. Nowlin)
  • Multiple Geochemical and Isotopic (Boron, Strontium, Carbon) Indicators for Reconstruction of the Origin and Evolution of Oilfield Water From Jiuquan Basin, Northwestern China, 130 Applied Geochemistry 1-13 () (with others)
  • Accuracy of Methods for Reporting Inorganic Element Concentrations and Radioactivity in Oil and Gas Wastewaters From the Appalachian Basin, U.S. Based on an Inter-Laboratory Comparison, 21 Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 224-241 () (with others)
  • Origin of Flowback and Produced Waters From Sichuan Basin, China, 52 Environmental Science & Technology 14519-14527 () (with others)
  • Sources of Radium Accumulation in Stream Sediments Near Disposal Sites in Pennsylvania: Implications for Disposal of Conventional Oil and Gas Wastewater, 52 Environmental Science & Technology 955-962 () (with others)
  • Strontium Isotope Ratios in Fish Otoliths as Biogenic Tracers of Coal Combustion Residual Inputs to Freshwater Ecosystems, 5 Environmental Science & Technology Letters 718-723 () (with others)
  • The Intensification of the Water Footprint of Hydraulic Fracturing, 4 Science Advances 1-8 () (with others)
  • The Water Footprint of Hydraulic Fracturing in Sichuan Basin, China, 630 Science of The Total Environment 349-356 () (with others)
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Uranium-Rich Coals and Associated Coal Combustion Residues From China, 51 Environmental Science & Technology 13487-13493 () (with others)
  • Age Dating Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills Using Radium Isotopes and Their Decay Products in Impacted Soil and Sediment, 3 Environmental Science & Technology Letters 205-209 () (with Avner Vengosh)
  • Brine Spills Associated With Unconventional Oil Development in North Dakota, 50 Environmental Science & Technology 5389-5397 () (with others)
  • Cosmogenic 22Na as a Steady-State Tracer of Solute Transport and Water Age in First-Order Catchments, 456 Earth and Planetary Science Letters 78-86 () (with others)
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Coals and Coal Combustion Residuals in the United States, 49 Environmental Science & Technology 11227-11233 () (with others)
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