Marty Lybecker


  • Private Investment Companies and the JOBS Act, 20 Investment Lawyer (forthcoming)

Articles and Essays

  • Family Offices, in Investiment Adviser Regulation: A Step-By-Step Guide to Compliance and the Law (2013)
  • Protection Against Conflicts of Interest, in Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds Regulation (Clifford E. Kirsch ed., 2013)
  • Are We Halfway There Yet? House Passes Major Financial Services Bill with Senate Expected to Act Early This Year, 127 Banking Law Journal 12-20 (2010) (with others)
  • The Prospects for Financial Reform in the US in Light of the Current Financial Crisis, 6 European Company Law 203-210 (2009)
  • New Developments in Bank Securities Regulation, 14 Trust & Investments 30 (2006)
  • Enhanced Corporate Governance for Mutual Funds: A Flawed Concept that Deserves Serious Reconsideration, 83 Washington University Law Quarterly 1045 (2005)