• Defensive Medicine and the Use of Medical Technology: Physician Involvement in Medical Malpractice ()
  • Professional Responsibility Anthology (Anderson Pub., ) (editor)
  • Summary Juries in the North Carolina State Court System  (Private Adjudication Center, 1991) (with others)
  • Legal Ethics: The Law of Professional Responsibility (Matthew Bender, ) (with L. Ray Patterson)

Articles & Essays

Issues Edited


  • Romer v. Evans 517 U.S. 620 (1996) (Director with Sarah Wood) (
  • Lynch v. Donnelly 465 U.S. 668 (1994) (Director with Sarah Wood) (
  • Distinctive Aspects of American Law Video Project Lee v. Weisman (2006), Swedenberg v. Kelly (2006), Van Orden v. Perry (2006) (Director with Sarah Wood & Todd Shoemaker, videographer) (
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Thomas B. Metzloff

Assistant: Jean Jentilet
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