Articles & Essays

  • Beyond Carbon Dioxide: Capturing Air Quality Benefits with State 111(d) Plans () (with Jeremy Tarr)
  • Completing the Energy Innovation Cycle: The View from the Public Utility Commission, 65 Hastings Law Journal 1345-1392 () (with Sarah K. Adair)
  • Designing CO2 Performance Standards for a Transitioning Electricity Sector: A Multi-Benefits Framework, 44 Environmental Law Reporter 11068-11078 () (with David Hoppock)
  • New Source Review and Coal Plant Efficiency Gains: How New and Forthcoming Air Regulations Affect Outcomes, 70 Energy Policy 183 () (with others)
  • A Triple Bottom Line for Electric Utility Regulation: Aligning State-Level Energy, Environmental, and Consumer Protection Goals, 38 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 1 () (with Sarah K. Adair)
  • Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Limits for Existing Power Plants: Learning from EPA Precedent ()
  • Design Issues for Linking Carbon Markets, in Designing Integration: The System of Climate Change Governance in North America (Neil Crank, Isabel Studer, & Debora Van Nijnatten, eds., ) (with others)
  • Regulating CO2 Under Section 111(d): Options, Limits, and Impacts () (with others)
  • The State Role in Technology Innovation-- Deploying Low-Carbon Coal Technologies Series () (with others)

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • EPA Clean Power Plan Reenergizes the US Climate Policy Debate, The Conversation ()
  • Opportunities Exist for Progress, National Journal ()
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