• Macromedical Regulation, 82 Ohio State Law Journal (forthcoming) (with Steven L. Schwarcz)
  • Static and Dynamic Costs and Benefits of Pharmaceutical Blockbuster Acquisitions: Reports from the Front Line, Loyola University Chicago Law Journal (forthcoming) (with others)

Articles & Essays

Issues Edited

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • A Cancer Patient’s Brutal CommuteWall Street Journal () (with Ateev Mehrotra)
  • Preparing Hospitals for the Next PandemicHarvard Business Review () (with Regina Herzlinger)
  • How to Quiet the Megaphones of Facebook, Google and TwitterWall Street Journal () (with Francis Fukuyama)
  • How to Save Democracy From Technology: Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly,  Foreign Affairs () (with others)
  • Surprise Medical Bills Continue During Coronavirus Time, and Congress Still Misses Major Points, The Conversation ()
  • Early Lessons From COVID-19 We Already Should Have Learned () (with Thomas P. Miller)
  • Toward an Effective Innovation Agenda, The New England Journal of Medicine () (with Kevin A. Schulman)
  • Stop Outrageous Air Ambulance Bills by Disclosing the Transport Price, STAT () (with others)
  • The Physician as Dictator, 390 The Lancet (, at 1023) (with others)
  • What U.S. Hospitals Can Still Learn From India’s Private Heart Hospitals: Cost-Cutting Lessons Are Clear, So What Stands in Our Way?, NEJM Catalyst () (with Kevin A. Schulman)
  • How Health Care Hurts Your Paycheck, New York Times () (with others)
  • Religious Freedom Debate Upends Balance Between Establishment, Free Exercise Clauses, News & Observer ()
  • How to Make Health Care Accountable When We Don't Know What Works, Harvard Business Review ()
  • A Cautious Path Forward on Accountable Care OrganizationsJournal of the American Medical Association (602-603) (with Kevin Schulman)
  • Rabbi Searches Are Tough, but Are They Illegal?The Forward ()
  • On the Constitutionality of Health Care ReformNorth Carolina Medical Journal ()
  • Lessons from the First Bridge to Nowhere, News & Observer (, at E7)
  • Who Pays for Health Insurance?, Wall Street Journal (, at A17) (with Clark Havighurst)
  • Blood Diamonds' Many Facets (Op-ed), News & Observer (, at A13) (with Joost Pauwelyn)
  • The Unintended Consequences of United States v. Nektalov, New York Law Journal (, at 2)
  • The Adventures of Keeping Kosher in Vietnam, 1997 New York Times ()
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