• Agenda Setting at EPA, in Fifty Years at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Progress, Retrenchment, and Opportunities (A. James Barnes, John D. Graham & David Konisky, eds., forthcoming) (with John D. Graham)
  • Co-Benefits, Countervailing Risks, and Cost-Benefit Analysis, in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: Theory and Practice (Dennis Paustenbach, ed., forthcoming) (with others)
  • Disregard and Due Regard, NYU Environmental Law Journal (forthcoming)

Works in Progress

  • Comparing Environmental Risk Regulation in China and the United States () (with others)
  • Institutional Roles and Goals for Retrospective Regulatory Analysis () (with Lori S. Bennear)
  • Adaptive Regulation: A Framework for Policy Learning over Time () (with Lori S. Bennear)


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Jonathan B. Wiener

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