Lawrence A. Zelenak


  • Federal Income Taxation (Aspen Publishing, 2004, 2d ed. 2007, 3d ed. 2011, 4th ed. 2015) (with others)
  • Federal Income Taxation: A Law Student's Guide to the Leading Cases and Concepts (Concepts and Insights Series) (Foundation Press, 12th ed. 2012, 13th ed. 2015) (with Marvin A. Chirelstein)
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  • Federal Income Taxation of Individuals (3d ed. 2002) (with others)

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  • How Congress Could Have Spared Us Tax-Day Headaches, BloombergView (May 08, 2013)
  • U.S. Income Tax -- 100 Years Old, and Almost Never Happened, The Globe and Mail (April 11, 2013)
  • When We Loved Form 1040, New York Times (April 01, 2013)